The Cornwall Free News Endorses Cornwall Ontario City Councilor Denis Carr for the October 25th Municipal Election – October 10, 2010

Cornwall ON – Denis Carr is the longest serving member of City Council in Cornwall.  He’s running for re-election.    Not the loudest of council; not standing up and asking questions every issue; not being opposed for issues to stand out, this quiet council Veteran sits on many of the most important committees.

From his August press release to announce his candidacy:

Citing his experience as the chair of the city’s budget committee for the past four years, Carr believes that taxpayers’ money must be used wisely and efficiently in order to maintain a competitive tax rate.

“The budget is the most important exercise that the city faces each year, and it sets the tone for everything that follows,” said Carr.

Carr believes the $25-million Progress Fund – which was established through the sale of Cornwall Electric – has and continues to serve the city well.

“The interest from the principal of the Progress Fund continues to fund quality of life improvements. It provides funding apart from city taxes, making our city more attractive to new development,” said Carr. “We must continue to protect the Progress Fund.”

As for other priorities, Carr believes council must continue to cultivate a climate that attracts new investment and development, thereby creating new jobs and taxes.

The veteran councillor believes there is a newfound sense of civic pride and optimism in Cornwall’s future, and it’s growing.

“The new bridge has been approved, and we can now plan to realize the full potential of the waterfront,” Carr noted. “The recently announced development plans for the Cotton Mills area are proof positive of this new spirit of progress and confidence.”

Carr continued, “There have been many positive steps in downtown revitalization through the Heart of the City Community Improvement Plan. We must continue to support both The Downtown Business Improvement Area and Le Village Business Improvement Area in enhancing our downtown areas.”

Carr and his wife Suzanne have three children, Jamie, Danielle and Denis, and two grandchildren, Isaac and Charlotte, with another grandson due in September.

Here are some clips we’ve shot of Denis during the Municipal debates.

At the Labour Council Debate


Youth and Jobs


Again at the Labour Council


Chamber of Commerce Debate


We at the Cornwall Free News are proud to Endorse Mr. Denis Carr for City Council of Cornwall Ontario for the October 25th Municipal elections.

We feel his steady hand and fiscal restraint are necessary for Cornwall to grow and prosper.   Congratulations Councilor Carr on being our third Endorsed candidate for this election.

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