Jeff Seeton Seeks Smart Growth for Kanata by Richard Komorowski – Cornwall Ontario – October 12, 2010

Cornwall ON – Jeff Seeton is one of five candidates running to represent Ward 4, Kanata North. Realising that the City and the ward cannot afford another four years like the last, he pledges to work with the rest of the city council to ensure smart growth for the community.

Kanata North taxpayers are getting all too used to paying tax increases and levies to pay for current city mismanagement. An example is the $37 million paid out to Siemens when this council cancelled the North-South Light Rail Project. The recent long bus strike, which could easily have been averted if both sides would have taken a proper, business-like attitude, was a major problem to Kanata residents.

“The taxpayers’ money is my priority. It needs to be spent properly, not wasted. I will not support any new spending initiatives from council unless they can be balanced by savings elsewhere.”

Another of Jeff’s priorities is the Kanata Beaver Pond. “This is very sensitive land, just as important to my family as it is to yours. We need to keep it as it is, and not lose it to developers.” Marianne Wilkinson, the current incumbent for Kanata North, caused much of the problem when she signed an agreement with land developers. Seeton is pushing for the creation of a non-profit Land Trust, which would safeguard this unique eco-system.

As well as saving the Beaver Pond area, Jeff is also committed to better garbage management, ultimately diverting 90% of municipal waste out of landfills to be used as a source of green energy.

Jeff is a strong proponent of developing the Green Economy in the city, which would have a major beneficial impact, creating jobs and a degree of energy self-sufficiency not only in the city, but throughout Eastern Ontario. He also promises to streamline the city’s handling of requests and permits from business owners. “Businesses in the city should be free to plan their futures without having to battle through the City Hall red tape before they can even get their plans evaluated.”

Jeff Seeton brings the right qualifications to represent the ward.  Apart from being a resident of the ward for the last ten years, Jeff is a businessperson with a strong business mind. A member of the Chamber of Commerce, he is the president and owner of, a national recruiting and consulting agency based in Kanata.

Jeff’s real passion, however, is his community. Apart from his efforts to save the Beaver Pond, he has been president of Kanata’s Village Green Community Association for the last five years. From 2007 until 2010 he sat on the Board of Directors of the Kanata Food Cupboard; 1 year as the vice chair. This past year Jeff was a nominee for Citizen of the Year in the Kanata Chamber of Commerce People’s Choice Awards.

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