Rally to Re-Elect Mayor Bob Kilger at Schnitzels – Thursday 7:00 PM – October 14, 2010 – Cornwall Ontario

Cornawll ON – Mayor Bob Kilger and his supporters are holding  rally this Thursday evening at Schnitzel’s.  Live music from Melanie and Angus of the General Electryk.   We received the following info:

Who:  All are Invited: Media, the general public, and candidates for Cornwall Council

What:  Rally to Support Mayor Kilger in his campaign for re-election with live music from Melanie and Angus of the General Electryk and the opportunity to meet candidates for Cornwall City Council

When:  Thursday, October 14 at 7 p.m.

Where:  Schnitzel’s Restaurant, 158 Pitt Street, Cornwall

Why:  Show support for Mayor Kilger:  Building on four years of results. Let’s keep the momentum going!

Get out and vote on October 25th!


To learn more about Bob Kilger and what he’s accomplished for Cornwall, visit www.bobkilger.ca.  To see what he has to say on service cuts, taxes and the city budget, the importance of the arts, teamwork on council and support for the business community, visit www.youtube.com/user/bobkilgerformayor.

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  1. Bob

    $119 Million for the Cornwall Community hospital..
    How much over budget is the project at this time?
    Though the hospital is a good idea is spending that much money on a building riddled with cut backs a wise choice? If Despatie continues it will make a great old age home or better yet palliative care unit. That is if you can hit the province for more money. As it stands now it is nothing more then sugar coating a pile of crap. Yes the building is nice but what is inside? How much ligic is there is a facility where the administrator earns money then the people saving lives?

    New Pizza Hut
    Cheers to Pizza Hut the new facility and location is a better choice.
    Was this actually something you were associated with, or was the owner looking for better access and a larger parking lot for their customers? Does the new facility employ more people? What about the old building is it now vacant or has a new business taken it’s place? , again it is a new coat of paint on an old building with no real value added.

    What ever happened to Boston Pizza?

    New Power Visitor Information Center
    What happened to the old Visitor Information Center? Really was this your idea or Robert Saunders hoping to increase revenues. Why did you stop Rivette and Mc Donald from perusing the issues with Robert H Saunders taxes and current land taxes paid? Would it not have been more beneficial for the city and surrounding communities to join together and recover the land not used since the 50’s. At the same time lost taxes for the last 60 years as well as an adjustment to land taxes for the current land values? Raising taxes is something you have done quite easily to the Cornwall residents. What could happen from approaching Robert H Saunders, I highly doubt they would relocate and we do not purchase power from them.

    St Lawrence College Redevelopment
    Having served on the board of directors and if memory serves me, all decisions are carried out by the Kingston Campus. I just hope they improve the quality of courses after the change as we need more then social programs.

    Cotton Mill Re-Development
    Wasn’t that Kaneb waiting until the market and necessity was there as well as a sound financial decision. I just hope you Bob can clean up the surrounding area as I highly doubt people will pay the rates asked in a neighbourhood laden with drugs and more recently a murder. It could turn out to be our next white elephant.

    As I look at the 2008 Financial Statements it would appear our salaries out weigh the services by 28%. Then we have transfers of 34%. It would seem we are paying a lot of money for wages and redirecting funds but little or no service is provided.

    It is my understanding there is a whole team contributing to economic growth in a community. When I read your pamphlet it seems you were the only one responsible and you seem to neglect team work. I would think team work is paramount in accomplishing Leadership, Progress Integrity, Growth, Momentum, Results.

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