Letter to the Editor – Joyce Ducharme Supports Mark MacDonald for Mayor – October 18, 2010

With the municipal election fast approaching, it’s time to examine mayoral platforms. At the debate we heard little news from our current mayor; so more of the same. Maybe like me, you want to try something new.
One thing jumped out to me in Mark A MacDonald’s platform. He wants more political input into the bugetary process. What a novel idea! The councillors we elect actually do what they promise during the campaign!
If they know our city, we suffer from unemployment, a growing number of seniors, poverty, etc.
Departmental budgets are skyrocketing and the last council was OK with that.
The police budget, for example, is absurdly high considering our population numbers.  Council should tell these managers to manage within our budgets we can afford.   Council should lead by example with their own accounts and not expect raises during a recession.
I believe with MacDonald as mayor we could pull through these hard times. PRogress will only come with pulling all citizens forward and he can do that.


Joyce Ducharme – Cornwall Ontario

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  1. Makes good sense to me, too, Joyce Ducharme. And I sense change coming on council.

  2. Marks answer to everything is to send the province the Bill……what will he do when they don’t pay it….go stand there and pound his feet and cry. Nice try if your living in fantasy land, Let’s elect serious people with serious answers…..Mark your 15 min of fame are coming to an end.

  3. or, they just might pay it. This Liberal government doesn’t know what left hand is doing from the right.

  4. Cornwall Voter if you want to elect serious people with serious answers then you need to pay serious money. Move out the Boy Scouts and bring in some heavy-hitters.
    Willie191 hopefully the Provincial Fiberals will be gone soon!

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