Cornwall Ontario City Councilor Denis Carr takes our Mini Proust Questionnaire – October 19, 2010

Cornwall ON – Councilor Denis Carr is running for re-election to City Council this year and we’ve sent out our mini Proust Quiz to him and several other candidates.

Here are his answers.

CWFN: What would be the biggest surprise that people don’t really know about your?

DC : I think the biggest surprise that many people don’t know about me is that for many years I sang in a Rock Band namely “The Butlers”   I still play with “The Brigadoons” and have performed at EPCOT Center, Walt Disney World , highland games and festivals all around the United States and Canada as well as tours to many different countries with the MacCulloch Dancers.

CWFN: What makes you passionate for being Mayor or Councilor?

DC: I believe in the City of Cornwall, we are in a position to finally realize the potential we have talked about for many years.
There is a positive spirit and confidence in Cornwall that has not be apparent for many years. I want to be part of what I see is an exciting future for our city and council will play an important role in developing that potential.

CWFN: What’s been the weirdest thing to ever happen to you in your career?

DC: In Mexico with the MacCulloch Dancers we performed in what had been a Bull Ring and was now a fancy hotel , Rae MacCulloch and I were having refreshments after the show just off the bull ring when we heard the song “Glengarry my home” we had closed the show with it.  In the quiet of the afternoon in an quiet, empty bull ring it was somewhat strange. The hotel staff had taped the song and kept on playing it long after the performance.

CWFN: When you were young did you ever think you’d be Mayor or Councilor of a City?   What advice can you give to young people when it comes to thinking about their future?

DC: When I was young political office never crossed my mind.
Young people need to be involved , it’s their future we are dealing with .

CWFN:If you could change one thing about Cornwall/Municipality what would it be?

DC: We are a very caring community, we need a greater sense of community pride.

CWFN: What do you want to be remembered most for one day?

DC: I want to be remembered for making a difference.


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