Letter to the Editor from Mayor Bob Kilger in response to Denise Levac – Cornwall Ontario – October 20, 2010

Bob Kilger re: Letter to the Editor – Denise Levac on Huguette Burroughs & Guy Leger tribute, October 16, 2010

You may have received a letter from Madame Denise Levac about my motivation for a recent proposal honouring the memory of two distinguished former Councillors of the City of Cornwall, Huguette Burroughs and Guy Léger, who passed away while in office.
I proposed to name the Councillors Meeting Room in their honour as a fitting memorial to their great service to the community. This is an idea which I began to discuss with Guy’s widow, Lise Benoît-Léger and others many months ago to respectfully seek their advice.
This initiative is in keeping with other such long overdue gestures of recognition which have been pursued during this term of office to highlight the remarkable contribution of individuals who have given so much to their community. I am referring for example to the recently named Nick Kaneb Drive, Francis Guindon Park, and Newsy Lalonde Way. My recent announcement is a sincere reflection of my great respect for these individuals and of my love of our community.

Bob Kilger

Vous avez peut-être reçu une lettre de Madame Denise Levac au sujet de ma motivation pour ma récente proposition d’honorer la mémoire de deux éminents anciens conseillers de la Ville de Cornwall, Huguette Burroughs et Guy Léger, qui sont décédés pendant leur mandat. J’ai proposé de nommer la Salle de réunion des conseillers en leur honneur pour commémorer leur excellent service à la communauté.

C’est une idée que j’ai commencé à discuter avec la veuve de Guy, Lise Benoît-Léger et bien d’autres il y a plusieurs mois pour respectueusement solliciter leur avis. Cette initiative est conforme à d’autres gestes que nous avons enfin posés au cours de ce mandat pour reconnaître la contribution remarquable d’individus qui ont tant donné à leur communauté. Je me réfère par exemple à la promenade récemment nommée Nick Kaneb, au Parc Francis Guindon, et la promenade Newsy Lalonde. Mon annonce récente est le reflet sincère de mon grand respect pour toutes ces personnes et de mon amour de notre communauté.

Bob Kilger

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  1. We need only look around town to find an over abundance of buildings and public places named after politicians (just count them). What is this self-important and self-congratulating bunch thinking? Dying is no great feat!

    When compared to the lives given in the line of duty: by firefighters, police, members of our armed forces — the truest public service — it is appalling when our national flag is the lowered at the passing of a politician,

    There is no comparison to slipping away, warm and fed, surrounded by loved ones …and the sacrifice of life and bloody limb of someone serving their fellows.

    There is a time and a place for honouring elected representatives, and it is not during an election campaign.

    And if you must, it should be more fitting, as was the case of our Sugar Shack Festival — a living event that embodies the community spirit of Huguette Burroughs and rightfully dedicated to her.

    But a room? Oh for heaven’s sake, and shame.

  2. Jim. Jim. Jim. I am a Mark MacDonald supporter and I do believe that Kilger picked the wrong time to mention such an honor but he did pick the right place! How dare you talk about a deceased women with disrespect by stating things like “Dying is no great feat!”. Not once did anyone state that she was being honored for dying while on council. If I could swear on this site I would give a good piece of my mind! For Cornwall’s sake I hope you lose this election, again!

  3. Posted by Jim Marshall on October 20: “Dying is no great feat!”

    Mr. Marshall, you have just lost my vote.

  4. scratch Jim….

  5. Reading to the end of the comment, it says clearly that some honours are “rightful”.

    “…it should be more fitting, as was the case of our Sugar Shack Festival — a living event that embodies the community spirit of Huguette Burroughs and rightfully dedicated to her.”

    Scratch literacy for Matt and Harry…

  6. not copasetic you are obviously blind he stated “Dying is no great feat!” and then the next sentence later “…..it is appalling when our national flag is the lowered at the passing of a politician,”. HMMMMM….I think the man is a chronic complainer with that is disrespectful to too many people and if he were elected would make a farce of our city!

    We are trying to turn the page and create something positive in this city. Yes, we need to be realistic but not while being ignorant!

  7. scratch Jim, Matt and not copasetic….

  8. Matt you are a very mean spirited and small boy,to want politicians to be recognized more than police or firefighters or soldiers. I do not think that any candidates want you on their team anyways.

  9. I’m with Jim and not copasetic on this one.. Quite frankly, and with no disrespect meant to any politician’s, there are too many things around here named after politicians when really that honor should go to someone that defends us (a policeman/woman killed in action), or a soldier killed in action or the likes, and that is all that Jim meant by his statement.

    Jim, its obvious you bring critical thinking to the table, since the best of critical thinkers, tend to eventually have less friends.. Matt, grow up, same thing with Cornwall Harry..

  10. I never once said that we should not pay tribute to all of our civil servants. What I said is that it is disrespectful to talk about our deceased like Jim did!

    Not once, has anyone said that we should not pay respect to firefighters, police officers, etc. everyone is mixing up what was said!

    Fact #1: No one said that we should not pay tribute to any sort of civil servant; except Jim!
    Fact #2: Jim clearly disrespect A DEAD PERSON!
    Fact #3: He finished by saying she would have been better honored in a different manner!

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