Bradley Nuttley for English Public School Trustee North & South Stormont and North & South Glengarry – October 21, 2010

South Stormont ON – Bradley Nuttley announced his candidacy as School Trustee for the Upper Canada District School Board for the areas of North & South Stormont/Glengarry.  Employed with the City of Cornwall as the Emergency Management and Community Safety Coordinator, Bradley Nuttley entered the race for School Trustee for education of children, taxpayers and the community.

“School Trustees provide a voice for students, parents and the community and my decisions always considered student education, taxpayers concerns and community needs”, said Bradley Nuttley.

Bradley Nuttley holds a Bachelor of Commerce Degree Honours in Business Administration from the University of Windsor, Paramedic with Distinction from St. Lawrence College and Ontario certification as an Advanced Emergency Medical Care Assistant round out his  education and experience.

Bradley Nuttley is actively involved in the community a volunteer firefighter for South Stormont, former Army Reserve Logistics Officer, member of Operation Lookout Committee and member of the Safe School Committee.

Bradley Nuttley will work to:

· Find innovative solutions keeping schools open and maintained in our community

· Reverse the 27% decline in enrolment since 2000 and offer programs and services that focus on improving education and needs of students

· Lobby the Province to eliminate the multi-million dollar funding shortfall

· Listen and voice concerns from students and stakeholders to the Board

· Reduce bullying and violence in schools through awareness, education and programs

· Ensure the Mission and Values of the School Board focuses on education

· Review the Board’s Strategic Plan and ensure education, cost reduction and the impact on the community is considered in all decisions

· Maintain equality of education regardless of religion, sex, race, family status, sexual orientation or ability

“Decisions appear to be made by School Trustees long before public consultation.  In the end, there appears to be very little listening to students, parents, staff and the community.  The UCDSB has funds available to open redundant offices, however, Education Assistants are eliminated, school need repairs and maintenance, programs are at risk and parents have to fundraise for computers and technology in schools because of limited funding.  Bring back a focus on student education and taxpayer accountability to the UCDSB.” said Bradley Nuttley.

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