City did not participate in Le/The Journal Electoral Guide – Cornwall Ontario – October 21, 2010

Cornwall ON – As a result of media enquiries and ongoing confusion relating to an editorial photo feature in this week’s edition of Le/The Journal, the City of Cornwall released the following statements.
“The City of Cornwall did not engage advertising, did not authorize any expenditures, nor did it participate in the special “Electorate Guide” that appears on Pages 11-18 of the Le/The Journal publication dated October 20, 2010,” stated Maureen Adams, General Manager of Financial Services and Treasurer for the City of Cornwall.
“This matter is black and white and any ongoing confusion as to the City’s involvement in the Electoral Guide should be put to rest immediately,” stated Paul Fitzpatrick, Chief Administrative Officer. “The Publisher has confirmed that the editorial feature was put together by Le/The Journal staff, and that the City logo was used without permission.”

In fact, Mr. Roger Duplantie, Publisher of Le/The Journal issued this statement today:

“The City of Cornwall …  was not ask(ed) to pay for any advertisement in that section. Yes we did use the City’s logo without permission as we did not think that we needed approval. For that we are very sorry and we apologize.”

On a related note, City Clerk Denise Labelle-Gelinas informed all municipal candidates today that use of the City logo is not permitted on candidate’s marketing materials related to the municipal election campaign.

The City of Cornwall’s logo, along with other secondary logos and marketing materials, are protected by copyright and cannot be used without the express permission of the City of Cornwall.  The use of the logos and other trademarked material is bound by detailed logo use guidelines, which are available on the City’s website at

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  1. Does anyone know who exactly was shown in the advertisement or which councilors? It seem weird to promote the last four years and show only certain individuals. It is not morally right to insinuate that these were the leaders in developing the hospital. From what I here actually the city is doing very little to be active in the construction!

  2. Considering the size of the spread and the money being spent, did the client not proofread the material before it went to press?

    From what source did the logo come? Someone at City Hall, a candidate organization?

    The only other source for a high quality photo ready copy of the logo is:

    And the copyright notice appears at the bottom of that page.

  3. Right on, Jim!

  4. So … according to Andre Rivette … all the councillors including Mark were approached and new about this special edition that was being run. I guess Mark forgot! Gee, I wonder if he’ll do that if he get’s elected? Come on people … we need someone that CEO’s can relate too … not someone who will scare them to away! Mark couldn’t get anyone to vote with him as a councillor what makes anyone think that will change?????

  5. Hi Ann,

    To all the candidates defense, I was shown an advertisement that looked nothing like what was published. I was not in the ad but believe the advertisement may have been changed due to who took part in it and it is this companies option as to how they run there ads. It is normal for media to choose or endorse candidates and I believe there is nothing wrong with it unless it is financially motivated.

    In addition, how can we trust elected officials to run a city under more complicated guidelines if they can not even run a campaign under very simple guidelines?

    The advertisement is harmless to those running against incumbents because people already know what the current council has done and I whole heartedly believe that most of Cornwall wants to see some of the older councilors succeeded by the new younger generation running in this years election.

    Cornwall will decide Oct. 25, 2010 and, as in most municipal elections, a few surprise will occur!

    Thank You,
    Mike Bedard

  6. I love all these Kilger trolls coming on and pointing fingers all over the place.. Fact is this was a dirty move.. Someone knew what was going on, and I’m quite sure those favored in the limelight knew exactly what was going on henceforth why they didn’t say anything but only returned with defense and trolls after the crap went down! I’m with Jim Marshall on this!

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