Debate at Cornwall Ontario Public Library on the Arts and Culture Filled the House! October 21, 2010

Cornwall ON – Some people understand Art and the intrinsic role it plays in our every day lives and some don’t.   Elaine MacDonald apparently does.  Glen Grant didn’t seem to.   Bernadette Clement is an Arty; Pat Finnerty….well…..

Jason Setnyk Gets It and Won the Night as far as Artistic Answers Went.


Mike Bedard won the Audience Response test.


There were some candidates who showed up and essentially said the same speech they’ve said before.   If we the public don’t know who you are at this time of the election you should just go collect your signs now.

Single focus debates like the one at the Cornwall Public Library (btw very well done!) Wednesday night and the Environmental Debate hosted by the SD&G Greens at the Army Navy Club at 6:30 PM give candidates a real opportunity to shine and talk about one single subject.   Not everyone can knock on over 3000 doors as Jason Setnyk did. (Posing with his Cornwall Transit map.

Mary Ann Hug gets it although I’m not sure if I want to see her sing….


What was really good about the evening is seeing young artists from Cornwall like Jason McNamara and Sara Murphy show up and listen to the what the candidates had to say to them essentially and the realization of city government that there’s money in art if you grow it.

Mayor Kilger Wants It


..and So does Mark MacDonald who I thought should’ve brought his Concertina


Denis Carr Lives it


and Gary Samler doesn’t think we’ll be able to afford it


In the end we’ll find out soon enough if the candidates were sincere in their appreciation of what arts can do for Cornwall, and if  the city can find some loot to fund some art initiatives without raising taxes.

In the meanwhile I hope they find the money to buy the Port and save the building.  It’s not that expensive.   Hope Syd, and  Double D are listening.

And you area artists don’t forget to sign up for ArtPreneur – I can’t think of any better way to show the city how much talent is out there and why its worth investing in than showing a big turnout for this incredible event on November 5-6 here at Nav Can.

Early Bird registration of only $70 is coming up fast and you can apply for a grant of $2000!

And for you artists that want your work exposed via The Cornwall Free News email us at to find out more information about Art Court!

What do you think Cornwall?  You can post your comments below.

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  1. Hello Everyone,
    The Cornwall Business Enterprise Centre, a part of Cornwall Economic Development and Ministry of Economic Development and Trade, is hosting its 3rd Annual ARTpreneur Conference and would love to see all artists and creative entrepreneurs welcome our excellent business panel!! Featuring artists such as Rick Green and Darrell Dennis, international publisher Sanjay Burman, and local talent!

    We are committed to growing the arts and promoting the arts in the City of Cornwall and we want anyone interested in the ARTpreneur Conference to be able to take full advantage of the great aspects it has to offer. Its an excellent opportunity to network with other local artists… Join us..

  2. I have been saying it since day one…..Mike Bedard, David Murphy, Maurice Dupelle and maybe even Todd Bennett and Jason Setnyk can not do worse than the grouchy old men we have now in office!

    Actually I don’t think anyone could possibly do worse ….accept maybe Mr.Finnerty and a few that I leave nameless!

  3. Thank you Matt I encourage the residents to get out and vote the way Matt thinks.

  4. I can’t say that I was impressed by anyone speaking, but that was due largely to the limited time given to speakers, and the track record of most current councillors that in spite of their words pretty much gave short shrift to arts and culture — certainly in comparison to the $12,000,000, out of our poor pockets, lavished basically on hockey.

    However, I was impressed by a business card handed to me by Marie Morrell (after the event) on behalf of the “Parade of Nations”. This organization takes on a thankless workload, year after year with heart and soul. And one more thing about it, …I noticed that the business card incorporated a beautiful logo designed by local artist and entrepreneur, Tracy Chisholm.

    That little 2″ x 3.5″ business card exemplifies the unarguable link between art and culture ..and it embodies the sincerity, commitment, and opportunities just waiting to blossom in our community.

    Vote as you will, but remember it is these grassroots folks and local artists that need our support all through the year, not just a candidate on one day.

  5. Jim why are so negative and do think Cornwall wants a another cranky old man in council or another know it all? You had a good speech at the chamber of commerce night……oh, wait no you didn’t you just tried to buy peoples votes buy saying you would work for free! You are obviously jealous of other candidates success. I read some of your comments and your so negative and bold in print or on-line but so passive and timid in person! Do you have a twin?

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