Kevin Parkinson – H1N1 Vaccine Combined with Seasonal Flu Shot- Cornwall Ontario – October 22, 2010

Cornwall ON – The manipulation used to market the H1N1 vaccine around the world last year left global taxpayers holding the bag on billions of dollars paid to Big Pharma, to fight a ‘pandemic’ that never materialized.

It seems though that the rules of the game have changed, as the Global Elite were shocked as they watched the defeat of their vaccination program and a world population that refused to submit to fear tactics.

Research shows that not only a Canadian majority rejected the H1N1 vaccine. Finland and Poland suspended the vaccine produced by GlaxoSmith, Kline and Pandermix. Poland became the only country in the world to reject the vaccine entirely.  Ukraine has boycotted ALL vaccines.

What does this tell us? Perhaps that the verdict about vaccines is far from being unanimous and that it is more important than ever to determine the risks, and look at alternatives to prevent and manage influenza.

In a recent speech in Long Beach, California, one of the most powerful men in the world, Bill Gates, donated $10 billion so that children in poor countries will receive: health care, reproductive services and “vaccines.” In his speech he went on to say that these measures will “help us reduce the world’s population by 10-15%.”

So here’s the real agenda unfolding. The question is: how will vaccines help us reduce the world’s population? Give that some thought.

Meanwhile, back in Canada, our trusted and visionary Health Canada has apparently decided to take a soft sell approach to the H1N1 vaccine this year. So far this year, we haven’t seen the media trying to force feed vaccination progaganda on the population. Remember, 60% of Canadians did not receive the jab last year.

Change in tactics required. With the skill of a magician, Big Pharma will combine the H1N1 with the ‘seasonal’ flu shot and try the ‘soft sell’ approach this winter- sort of, one stop shopping for all of your vaccination needs.You might want to call the Eastern Ontario Health Unit at 613-933-1375 for more information.  I would say there are a lot more questions that need to be asked and answered.

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  1. It’s a lot like winning the lottery…..for sure if you don’t buy a ticket then you can’t win! Well this Canadian received the jab this week. At least I won’t die of the H1N1 virus like some of those will who haven’t received a vaccination. Do you get the connection?

  2. hahaha Stan, I find your comment quite hilarious.
    The”new” strain of the H1N1 has mutated so your so called “life saving” vaccine is now worthless…


  3. Stan, I have done a little personal research on this topic and was wondering if you would share your sources of information demonstrating that the vaccine is 1) Effective at preventing the flu and 2) Safe both in the long and short term. I would be interested in reading those studies. Thanks.

  4. I got my Jab yesterday and am glad. People die from the flu every year and that’s not even the H1N1 flu! Everything in our lives gets turned upside down by the media, and bored people who scrutinize it every which way. To each his own right? I wish the world would remember that more often! P.S.- I’m Canadian.

  5. Right on Stan. It is also called insurance.

  6. Don’t be so sure. The Bilderberg Group’s agenda is to reduce the population of around the globe, Bill Gates is member of this elite group. Canadian members include Canadians.

    * Pierre Elliott Trudeau,[82] Prime Minister of Canada, 1968-1979, 1980-1984
    * Jean Chretien (1996),[43] Prime Minister of Canada, 1993–2003
    * Stephen Harper (2003),[82] Prime Minister of Canada, 2006-current
    * Mike Harris,[82] Premier of Ontario 1995-2002
    * Bernard Lord,[82] Premier of New Brunswick 1999-2006
    * Paul Martin (1996),[43] Prime Minister of Canada, 2003–2006
    * Frank McKenna (2006, 2010),[83] Deputy Chair of TD Bank Financial Group, Canadian Ambassador to the United States 2005-2006, Premier of New Brunswick 1987-1997
    * Gordon Campbell (2010), Premier of British Columbia, 2001–Present

  7. Before you put ANYTHING in your bodies you should know the truth about it. Search the web and do more than 5mins reading about vaccines and you will find out that most are more harmful than good. Unless you are elderly and/or have a compromised immune system you should likely refrain from them.

    Furthermore. Vitamin D3 is way more effective at fending off the Flu than any vaccine is, when taken in sufficient daily amounts.

    And please, don’t take my word for it, search the web and open your eyes, things are not as safe as they have you believe!

    Be well and wise.

  8. Yes eyeswideopen. 15 minutes on the internet qualifies you to make informed arguments against the extremely well trained and experienced medical community.

    The moron that published the primary anti-vax paper, Dr Andrew Wakefield, had his paper discredited by the community and withdrawn by the journal, most of the scientists on the paper pulled their names off after it was revealed how unethically Wakefield had manipulated the data, and Wakefield has had his medical license revoked.

    Wakefield’s research is the cornerstone of the anti-vax movement … but even with this foundation gone the anti-vaxers still float around on lies and speculation. The anti-vax queen herself, Jenny McCarthy, has a website dedicated to the number of deaths that can be attributed to her anti-vax movement: … of course, people who get their medical advice from playboy bunnies deserve what they get (I do feel bad for their defenseless children though).

  9. “The blind leading the blind” – listen to the experts, they will do you no harm, they know everything, all they want is your money!

  10. The preacher nailed it! Never thought I’d say that.
    Just follow the money.

  11. yeah, da preacher leading da blind…

  12. Your value to the sick-care machine is measured in dollars alone
    This shocking economic reality never occurs to many people who still mistakenly assume that drug companies want people to get healthy (they don’t) or that the government wants you to enjoy a long retirement (it doesn’t).

    From the sick-care industry’s perspective, if you prevent disease, you are useless to them because you won’t need their drugs, surgeries or chemotherapy. And from the government’s point of view, you’re useless as soon as you retire and stop paying taxes on your wages. At that point, you transition into a net financial drain on the government.

    Obviously, you are the only person who benefits from your own good health. No corporation receives any benefit when YOU are healthy. No government receives any benefit, either. This is why no television ads or public service announcements will ever encourage you to prevent disease and live a long, healthy life. If you wish to pursue such a path, you must do it for your own reasons and in opposition to the agendas of the groups that are trying to keep you diseased. Wake up People Read all the information is out there.

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