Mike Bedard Makes his Final Campaign Pitch to the Voters of Cornwall Ontario – October 23, 2010

This Monday Cornwall will decide who will represent them for the next four years and I hope to be one of the blessed individuals chosen to help lead Cornwall into an era of prosperity!  The end of the campaigning period is upon us and I would like to take the opportunity to outline why I believe I deserve Cornwall’s vote on October 25, 2010.
Why should you vote for Mike Bedard on Monday, October 25th, 2010?
  • Mike is the youngest candidate in this fall’s election (28 years old) and the best candidate to represent our youth – It is important to have representatives from as many different demographics as possible and right now there is not a professional, active and young voice ensuring our youth are well represented on council.
  • Mr. Bedard is the only candidate currently operating a business in the City of Cornwall and the best candidate to bring an ‘Awareness of local business’– It is important that our business community have a current employer on council to ensure clarity is kept while discussing Cornwall’s economy.  It is also important to have a peer who can passionately voice the difficulties and advantages of operating a business and being an employer in the City of Cornwall.
  • Mike is a graduate from St. Lawrence College (Cornwall) and brings with him an Accounting Diploma and several academic awards in this field and is the best candidate to be involved in the budgeting process. – It is important that our elected officials are resourceful and clearly understand how their decisions will impact the City’s financial statements, taxes, etc. to ensure a sustainable and prosperous society.
  • Mike is a husband, father and home owner in the City of Cornwall.  – It is important that our council, be members of our current society to ensure the motivation behind their decisions impact as many citizens as possible in a positive manner.

What would Mike Bedard like to see changed during his first term on council; if elected?

  • Residential Taxes reduced 0.35%, annually, with the eventual goal of a total reduction of 1.4% and an overall change from 5.3% to 3.9%.
  • The construction of a General Practitioners Clinic and the addition of, at least, 6 practitioners to the City of Cornwall.
  • The approval of increased spending into the arts and culture community with the eventual goals of, but not limited to, creating: new employment, new infrastructure, new events and a new sense of awareness and support.
  • The immediate remediation of the City of Cornwall’s Building Permit Department.
  • The adoption of an Environmental Charter, Green City Action Plan, Green City Indicator Reports, an Environmental Advisory Committee and a Green Building Program.  All of this will ensure Cornwall becomes a ‘Green City ‘and will aid in recruiting ‘Greener’ employment.
  • Addition of landscaping and billboards along our 401 Highway. Also, improving the signage and roadways along those entrances corridors to create standardization and reflect that of Brookdale Avenues new construction.
  • The creation of several new committees to intensify the involvement of the community and increase the confidence in Cornwall City Council.
  • And much more…………
Everything I wish to do is in an effort to retain our youth, create employment, grow our population and increase the quality of life for every citizen in Cornwall; all while maintaining a professional and passionate image of Cornwall and it’s leaders!

Yours Truly,
Mike Bedard
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Mike Bedard
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  1. Good luck, tomorrow. My family and friends are hoping you win so that; we can finally move this city forward. Anyone who payed attention to the campaign’s and watched the you tube video’s and read the candidates responses and platforms; will undoubtedly know that you should, hands down, be one of the ten elected.

    If you are not elected tomorrow, I will lose all faith in Cornwall! You are the most inspirational Candidate in this years election!

    Cornwall if you truly want our city to be the best the make sure to vote the best and make sure Mike is one of your ten on October 25th, 2010!

  2. Good Luck, young man! I hope you are elected and will serve this community like we think you can. My entire work place is voting for you and we can’t wait to see someone who is both smart and aggressive get into council!

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