Over 750,000 Nissans Recalled in North America – 2M Plus World Wide over Ignition Issues – Cornwall Ontario – October 28, 2010

Cornwall ON – It’s Nissan’s turn in the recall world as over 2 million of their cars have been recalled world wide.


The car company said that the recall was due to a faulty engine control system. Among the models being recalled are the Cube, March, Tida and six other models. The problem leads to possible stalling of the vehicle while running. The company says that they will exchange the defective parts.

Over 750,000 Nissans were affected in Canada and the United States.



  1. Nissan yea! Toyota has also just recalled 1.6 Million vehicles too. Damn Jap scrap!

  2. Author

    Cornwall Harry I believe Toyota has more North American content than some of the “American” car makers.

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