WATER EFFICIENCY TEAM REACHES TARGET! Raisin Region Conservation Authority (RRCA) program helps area save over 23 million liters of water – October 29, 2010

Cornwall ON – The Water Efficiency Team (W.E.T.) has been actively providing educational materials and in home support for local residents over the past few months again this past summer and have attained their goal.

One hundred and fifty-five (155) homes throughout Stormont, Dundas & Glengarry, Prescott & Russell and parts of the City of Ottawa have been retrofitted with water efficient devices such as tap aerators, low flow showerheads, kitchen spray nozzles, toilet dams and even hose nozzles.

“Once a home is completely retrofitted by our WET Team with these water saving devices, the savings is estimated at approximately 150,000 liters per home per year” according to Normand Génier, WET Project Coordinator. He went on to say “Multiply that amount by 155 homes and that equals a lot of water, over 23 million liters!”
The project is being coordinated by the Raisin Region Conservation Authority in partnership with the South Nation Conservation as the first component of a water efficiency program sponsored by the Eastern Ontario Water Resources Committee (EOWRC).
The second component is a series of Homeowner Awareness workshops which have now been scheduled as follows:

Monday November 8th 2010 – Lancaster, Ontario, Cooper Marsh Visitor Centre

Tuesday November 9th 2010 – Vernon, Ontario, Vernon Community Centre
Wednesday November 10th 2010 – Alexandria, Ontario, Alexandria Curling Club
A bilingual workshop will take place in January 2011

For additional information, contact the Raisin Region Conservation Authority at 613-938-3611 Ext 228 or visit our website at www.rrca.on.ca.

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  1. A curious point on the WET promotion. If we install water efficient equipment on our showers or on our gardening equipment does it really reduce the use?

    When a person showers how does the new nozzle reduce the consumption of our children taking a 25 min shower?

    When we water our lawn or wash the car do these nozzles reduce the consumption of water enough that it can justify the cost of manufacturing the product?

  2. Hi Sharon, Installing water efficient nozzels on garden hoses, shower heads and taps produces bubbles, injects air with the water when in use thereby reducing the water used over the same time period using non-efficient hardware. Now, when we factor in the water and resources required to produce the hardware, does this represent a postive gain? Good question!

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