Letter to the Editor by Tammy A Hart – Newington Ontario – Are the Counties NUTS? What on earth justifies a $8000.00 a year increase?

Newington ON  – Are the Counties NUTS?  What on earth justifies a $8000.00 a year increase?

This past October the Counties passed a by-law increasing the honorarium for the Wardens position from $19,159 to $27,000 that’s almost an $8,000 increase.

Members of Council will receive an honorarium of $10,000 from what use to be $8,515, basically $1,500 more, that’s not as bad.

Wake up everyone we are in a recession!  Medium and small businesses are barely hanging on, many are closing their doors.  No wonder there is so much apathy when it comes to voting.  People are fed up with government spending.  Fiscal responsibility starts at the top and the Counties aren’t setting a good example.

Tammy A. Hart

Newington On

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  1. The justification behind that raise is probably someone saying “It’s OK because we’ll just add $1 to everyones tax bill”. It seems like nothing at the time but when you apply that same theory to all public officials salaries…..well there you have it. As we are beginning to realize Fiscal responsibility is a thing of the past. Welcome to the trough!

  2. Should there not be equal concern about numbers for full and part time staff? After all, there are more of them getting increases which can, account to more tax dollars.

    Angry voters are just beginning to really take notice and many have reached the tax threashold…..

  3. If Tammy Hart is so concerned, she will benifit from the increase at the counties, she should walk the walk and donate her renumeration to a good charity in her area. Then I will believe she is being true to her beliefs. don’t be a hipocrite. Tell the whole story and not just your one side. The counties are so far behind the rest of the province that the warden of SD&G is still working for next to nothing for the responsibility he has. Who do you think your impressing anyway. My suggestion to you is to concentrate on the provincial and federal government that continue to waste billions of dollors every day. You have to work the next four years with this council and good luck getting support from your colleges.

  4. Tammy loves and is a harpercon/harpercrite, and as such, its in her nature to be a hypocrite, and there is no way she will comment on how they continue to waste billions of our dollars everyday, but rather she loves to point fingers at everyone else non-cons (also the con way).. you bring up a great point though Tony, if she has a problem with the raises, she should donate her’s to a charity and shut up..

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