Letter to the Editor – Craig Carter-Edwards – Outraged at Neo Nazi Attempt to Deface Buchenwald Memorial “Book of the Dead” – November 3, 2010 – Cornwall Ontario

In a cowardly attempt to rewrite history, Neo-Nazis recently hacked into the website for the Buchenwald Memorial, defacing the “Book of the Dead” page.


Their objective was to erase the memory of the 56,000 people who died in the Buchenwald Concentration Camp during World War II; the Book of the Dead commemorates these victims of Nazi hatred. As the remaining survivors of Buchenwald and other Concentration Camps succumb to age and illness, Neo-Nazis apparently believe that by destroying public records of the victims, they can bury the truth along with them.

If they think that, they’re wrong.

I am the grandchild of a Buchenwald survivor. The horrors my grandfather experienced in that hellhole forever scarred him, and have had a lasting impact on my family. Through my grandfather, I have met other Buchenwald survivors and their families, and learned how this connection, this thread of experience, unites us all with a common goal – to preserve the stories of those who endured the Holocaust, and to promote the lessons to be learned from it.

Those who would deny the Holocaust want to be free to hate without accountability or consequence; the truth of the Holocaust proves why they must never be allowed to do so. On the occasion of Holocaust Education Week, as the grandchild of a Buchenwald Survivor, I am proud to renew my promise to protect the memory of all those who suffered at the hands of the Nazis.

The grandchildren of those who endured the Holocaust will not be intimidated, nor will we ever allow ourselves to be complacent. Wherever Neo-Nazis attempt to twist the facts to suit their cause, they will find us, armed with the truth. Through us, the experiences of our grandparents will be preserved, and the lessons of Buchenwald shall endure.


Craig Carter-Edwards – North York Ontario ( Former Cornwallite)

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  1. Mr Edwards, I read your story yet I cannot find any reputable evidence to support what you say. Can you please provide the link.

    Perhaps it is time for forgiveness though not forgetting what happened. I see no other faith holding such vigilance and determined hatred for those that persecuted them.

  2. Mr.Edwards/ its all the same in this society.The big boys all say (forget it and move on).Easyer said then done?Good luck sir, and no we should never forget what happened.

  3. In answer to Sharon, I’m not quite sure what you’re unable to find supportive evidence for – the Holocaust? My grandfather – who is a born-and-raised Canadian – was in Buchenwald concentration camp himself. Google “Ed Carter-Edwards” if you’re looking for testimony. There are still many people alive today that lived the Camps who can tell you about what they experienced, first-hand; that includes those that were guards. There is physical evidence. There are records (the Nazis loved their records). There is documentation by the American and Soviet soldiers who liberated the camps. The amount of evidence is astounding, and yet, there are still those who would turn a blind eye to it.

    My grandfather was one of 168 Allied Airmen – soldiers fighting for their country – who were incarcerated in Buchenwald over a period of months in 1944. My grandpa was not Jewish, not a communist, not a homosexual, not a Sinti-Roma or a Pole or any other group that is generally associated with the Holocaust. He was simply a young man doing his duty for his country who ended up in the wrong place at the wrong time.

    And that’s the point. The Holocaust wasn’t Germans vs. Jews – it was about the dehumanization of entire populations, and the consequences that arise when we justify to ourselves that it’s okay to treat fellow human beings like lesser creatures. It happened in Nazi Germany. It happened in Rwanda. It continues to happen right here in Canada, any time a hate crime is committed.

    Holocaust Education is about reminding ourselves what happens when we turn a blind eye to bigotry, or accept racism as an acceptable viewpoint. Holocaust deniers are simply trying to deny the very real risks that accompany their hatred; the consequences are far too great for us to let them get away with that.

    If you have any questions, I would be happy to address them. Drop me a line at ccarter-edwards@gmail.com.

    Craig Carter-Edwards

  4. Mr Edwards I apologize for the lack of clarity in my post. The information I was looking for is Neo Nazi Attempt to Deface Buchenwald Memorial.

    Are you telling us that forgiveness is not possible for Germany?
    The fact that people refer to the Nazi type politics always points back to Germany and never truly lets them out of the shadows of a mistake made 60 years ago.
    We could also discuss the refugee boats turned away by the US borders as well as the UK. This is not a delicate situation by any means but it always appears the only people responsible are strictly the German people.
    I would be curious to hear your views relating the situation regarding the Palestinian people on the west bank? It might be construed as a similar form of dehumanization.

  5. Again I appologize Mr Edwards. I would prefer to keep this discussion in public due to the delicate nature.

    I look forward to your response to my previous post. Thank you for your understanding

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