….and the winner was….Everyone that Attended Artpreneur 2010 in Cornwall Ontario! November 7, 2010

Cornwall ON – If you were an artist and within 100 miles of Cornwall Ontario Friday or Saturday November 5-6 I sure hope you were at Artpreneur 2010 because it was a blast.

A lot of information and some great speakers.

Sanjay Burman of Burman Books


The speakers were far and wide; local and from all parts of Canada.

Andrea Graham from Kingston


Local broadcaster Sue Stewart hosted day one’s panel which included Comedian Rick Green, City Councilor and Artist himself, Denis Carr (who sang Stairway to Heaven on our own Seawayradio.com many moons ago)  Maggie MacDonald (writer, playwright, musician), Sanjay Burman (producer),Darrell Dennis (comedian, actor, screenwriter and radio personality), John Earle (filmmaker), Janet Keefe (potter),  Mark Owen (media arts/entrepreneur)

Rick Green and Sanjay Burman field questions from the floor.


Saturday was the big day.   It was all about the loot.  The filthy lucre that allows Artists to survive and keep creating their art hopefully elevating their craft and skills.

Funding reps from the Ontario Arts Council, SD&G Community Futures,  were there as well as Catherine Bird who was there to share on applying for Grants and loans that are available to artists which she knows quite a bit about as that’s her profession!

Cornwall’s own Bob Peter’s gave a multimedia presentation on the importance of online communication and marketing which was very well received.

The best part for at least three of the attendees was the prize hand out.    Artpreneur this year awarded a $2,000.00 cash grant which went to local band, The General Electryk who are going to press a vinyl release of their latest Album Petty Little Things.

2nd Prize, a 3 Month intensive ad plan on The Cornwall Free News and Seawayradio.com (Over $1500.00 value) went to graphic artist Anick Bauer, and apparently the voting was so close we decided to add a prize for 3rd prize to Ewart Cameron who also is an artist and creates one of my favorite things, comic books!   Ewart will get a one month intensive plan for his new release!

Cornwall’s Hottest Artist and artistically Rasputinish, Jason MacNamara attended the event taking a break from creating art like the Petty Little Things cover, his many shoots, and the upcoming cover for Seaway Today as well as our Xmas Banner!

I had a blast.  The old fimmaker in me went back to fuzzy times of yesteryear, and it was exciting to feel the buzz and energy; to talk and listen to my fellow artists.  Young people; whether they be young in heart, bone, or spirit always are a joy to share time with.

This was the 3rd Artpreneur held here in Cornwall Ontario; this time at the stunning Nav Can facility, and it’s interesting to watch the event evolve for example this year a sizzler was added Friday from 4:30 PM which gave everyone a chance to do what most artists do best; schmooze!

Can’t wait for Artpreneur 2011 and see what new tricks Cornwall Ontario shares with the arts community.

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