History happened tonight on Seawayradio.com – New Arts Committee formed for Cornwall and Area – Sunday November 7, 2010

Cornwall ON – And they had a dream.    Tonight on Seawayradio.com an idea was hatched and first steps were taken.    Rodney Rivette, Jeff Brunet, Jason Setynk and Jamie Gilcig put forth the willingness and desire to form an Arts Committee in Cornwall Ontario.

The first meeting proposed will be at La Maison on Wednesday November 17th at 7 PM and all are welcome.   We’re hoping to see artists of all sorts and people that want to see a better artistic environment in the Cornwall and surrounding area including Akwesasne.

Stay tuned for more information on facebook, here on The Cornwall Free News and hopefully on other media in the area.

To listen to the last embers of tonight’s show live or after via Podscast click here!


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  1. Good Morning

    Great News that an New Arts Committee has been form in Cornwall. You have taken the right step in getting council to hear the voice of many who are not satisfied with the lack of support for the Arts in Cornwall.

    You have heard many Councillors say during the election that the arts community must work toghether and bring their plan of action as one voice to the Council table.

    Congratulations to all of you for taking the actions needed to move the arts forward in our community.

    You have my full support !!

    Councillor Andre Rivette

  2. Wow…another master stroke by the east-end power mongers.

    “Hey, let’s start a group that promotes our city’s arts scene.”
    “Great idea. Where should we hold our inaugural meeting?”
    “I know…the arts mecca of Cornwall. La Maison Tavern!!”
    “Of course!!”

    While the arts is certainly in need of some promotion in this city, perhaps you could use a little more legitimacy – and kicking things off at La Maison is hardly a step in the right direction. Is it too much of a stretch for you to consider a local art gallery or the library?

    La Maison screams a lot of things…but arts and culture is NOT one of them. Now, if you wanted to start a karaoke committee, then La Maison should top the list.

  3. Goes to show what Guy knows. La Maison has supported the arts for many years. They are the oldest venue for live music in Cornwall. Maybe if you actually lived in Cornwall, you would already know this to be true.

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