My gosh there is a better way than going to court to get Big Companies to listen to you! – Cornwall Ontario – November 7, 2010

Cornwall ON – So I’m watching Mr. Bob Peters make a presentation at ArtPreneur 2010 here in Cornwall Ontario yesterday; great presentation although I was bewildered at The Cornwall Free News being left out of his presentation when it came to online marketing and getting the message out.   Any time you can grow your business 10X in one year that’s a really good thing; but I digress.

Bob is very media savvy and he talked about “Going Viral” on the net, which is not the same as “Going Virile” and he had some great examples.    One in particular inspired me, about Dave Carroll’s guitar being broken by United Airlines and how their horrible “Bell Canada” like customer service inspired him to create a video about his experience.


My beloved wife was mauled by Bell Internet, and of course it ends up in my lap to try and fix.   Now I work over 100 hours per week on The Cornwall Free News and amongst my other past times in life so spending time chasing Bell Internet was about as enticing as poking needles in my eye.

I mean, when it nearly takes as much time to get a company to correct a clear mistake and wrongdoing on their part as it does to shoot, edit, and load a video to youtube that says something, and I have to tell you working with some amazingly talented and fun people is a lot more pleasurable to waiting online and talking to Bell Internet customer support staff.

I already boycott their phone services because of horrid policy and even worse customer service.  So as I listened to the catchy beat of Mr. Carroll and Bob’s melodious message my creative juices started to stir…and I got to chatting with some of the other artists in the room, many of whom had their own Bell nightmares to share and we got to thinking……….   Stay tuned 🙂   and if you’ve had your own Bell nightmare you can post it below or email us at

And Artprenuer 2010 was a blast.  Check our coverage and videos later!

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  1. My big company story is about Canada Post. As a small business owner they enticed me to use their services with the Venture One card. I get a discount on shipping coffee by express post which is supposed to get to the destination within 3 days. Two weeks after mailing and order to Toronto, a customer contacts me to find out where his coffee is. I go to the internet site for lost Canada Post parcels and find out that yes indeed my package was processed at the post office where I mailed it on the day that I mailed it. After that, a dead end. The customer service person that I subsequently called said that they would start an investigation, but it would take 5 business days. So let’s see the total time involved here…..guaranteed delivery in 3 days, lost for two weeks, 5 days investigation and no guarantee they will ever find it.

    I don’t think my fresh roasted coffee will be fresh by the time my customer receives it, if he ever receives it. This is really good for my business.

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