opens the lines about the Music, art, and Cultural scene here in Cornwall Ontario – Dial toll free 877.640.1175 – November 7, 2010 – 7:30 PM EST

Cornwall ON – With upcoming public consultations on Arts and Culture here in SD&SG and some of the comments made during the municipal election we thought we’d open up the airwaves and let you speak on tonight at 7:30 PM EST.    Right after our special segment with funny man and actor Jason Stuart from Los Angeles we’ll open the phone lines.

Jeff Brunet, a local promoter for Alkaline Entertainment will be our first guest.  We interviewed Jeff earlier in the week.

Jeff Brunet Interview Part 1


Jeff Brunet Interview Part 2


We’ll also be talking about the exciting news about our Art Court initiative!

Call toll free 877.640.1175 to have your say.

Click the banner above to LISTEN LIVE or via PODCAST after and remember all of shows are available on demand for free in iTunes!  Just look under your community radio station from Cornwall Ontario and Canada!

Syljack Christmas House Tour Schnitzels

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