Yes, Maybe, Butterscotch is better than Skunk everyday…..Musings from Cornwall Ontario – November 8, 2010

Cornwall ON – So we were talking about this girl; to this girl, some girl; actually it was a mid 40’ish gent.

We were questioning life paths, routes of communication; first impressions, and perceptions.   It’s funny when someone from outside the fishbowl gazes within and makes observations.

Being distant doesn’t make them right.  Sometimes the exact opposite, but sometimes they’re damn interesting observations.

I’ve lived on this planet now 46 years.  Probably more years lived than I have ahead of me and I’ve learned a few things.

I’ve learned that we all have to be ourselves; even if we’re not quite sure who we are.   I’ve learned that sometimes going through a minefield is better than waking up to an explosion…metaphorically speaking.

I’ve learned being nice is always better than not even though, sadly, far too many people take being nice for personal weakness in this world, and I’ve learned the value of bran.

Life is short.  Make it beautiful.  Create a color, sing a song, and make people smile.   It truly is more fun than the alternatives.

Jamie Gilcig – Editor

The Cornwall Free News &

KAV Productions Cornwall Transit Schnitzels

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