Electrykfying Night at Snails II Grand Opening – November 12, 2010 – VIDEO – Cornwall Ontario

Cornwall ON – Who doesn’t love a good opening.   The ice was cold and the drink were wet as Snails 2 opened to the sounds of Melanie, Angus and the full General Electryk band!   The band played a bunch of tracks off their new PETTY LITTLE THINGS cd which they’re going to be pressing as vinyl partially with the proceeds from their $2000 grant win from the 2010 Artpreneur Conference!

An actual drummer interviewed (Foul language alert – not Angus’s fault either!)


It’s amazing to follow and watch as talent evolves.    I’ve been shooting video of the band for over a year now and it’s amazing how they’ve evolving.   This was one of their last gigs before they head down South, waaaaay down South, to Australia for some sun and fun on tour where Drummer Angus Donnelly hails from.

The Band Rocks


See if you buy the photog a drink you too can get your picture in the Cornwall Free News like Councilor Elect David Murphy,  (just kidding….well sort of….depending on the drink and if I’m thirsty…..)accompanied by Miz Vanessa Regenier.

More GE


Good luck to Mitch and his team at Snails 2, and always good to see a new live venue add to the scene here in Beautiful Cornwall Ontario!

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  1. OK, so where is Snails 2? I don’t even know where Sails 1 is.

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