Why Can’t Pierre Gauthier Get it? It’s all about Winning the Stanley Cup. November 16, 2010 – Cornwall Ontario

Cornwall ON – So what’s wrong with Pierre Gauthier as a GM and Hockey Man?    Or what’s right?  Yes, the Habs have a lot of points, but the “Gauthier Effect” at this time has me as a Hab Fan concerned.

I watched his impact on Ottawa, also coached by Jacque Martin, and his term in San Jose as well.  To me Hockey is all about winning the Stanley Cup.  I don’t need gaudy stats.   I don’t need to finish first in the standings.   I need that cup.    I want that cup.   Does Pierre?

When Bob Gainey took over the Habs as GM it certainly was an improvement, and he did what Bob does best which is build a careful foundation through the draft.   Bob has never been a trading GM.   He has been smart enough to focus on scouting and judicious free agent acquisitions.

But if you’re going to build organically you have squeeze maximum value for and from your players.   Trade High, buy low.   He picked up Alex Kovalev for a bag of pucks and got some value out of the surly Russian.

However the Jaraslav Halak file still makes me and many Habs fans shake our heads.   Now Ryan O’Byrne is traded for a question mark and Andrei Markov is out again.  Knees rarely improve with age and surgery.  Last night Mr. O’Bryne had a fight and assist for Colorado and added a +3 for the night in his 19:38 for Colorado.

So what’s up with Pierre Gauthier and Jacques Martin?   Is this team better geared to winning a cup than last year?  I’m not sure, but I do know that those Pierre Macguire fans screaming for his hire in Montreal are starting to sound better day by day.

Montreal Canadiens fans don’t want to “make the play offs” they want to own the play offs.

What do you think Hockey fans?  You can post your comments below.

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  1. Cool your pipes Jamie. Les Canadiens are a much improved team this year and can win the Cup. Price is doing really great. You can’t blame Markov’s injury on the management.

  2. Author

    Hi Jerry,

    What I blame Pierre for is not getting full value for Halak or O’Bryne and not addressing what is now a glaring issue, getting a line mate for messrs Gomez and Gionta.

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