Harper Conservatives 1 – Environment 0 – Senate Calls Snap Vote to Destroy Bill C-311 – November 18, 2010 – Cornwall Ontario

Cornwall ON – So it this shrewd politicking or blind arrogance?  The Harper government used its Conservative majority in the Senate to call a snap vote on Bill C-311 thus scuttling a simple bill to protect the environment.

Yeah, the environment; that thing we all live in including Conservatives.   Mr. Harper’s early years were filled with bold statements about wanting an elected Senate and never having on unelected group dictate policy.

Well now that he’s added enough seats to dominate the Senate a near precedent of the Canadian Senate scuttling a bill that had a clear majority has occurred and incensed millions of Canadians.

So the questions start.  Why do this?  Is Mr. Harper realizing that his slim and rapidly evaporating chance of a minority government is slipping away with each day and needs a device to force the opposition to bring his government down?

Can Mr. Ignatieff and the Liberals not attempt to pull the government down without paying a huge price politically?  Even if choose to attempt to do so would Mr. Duceppe in Quebec allow the Liberals and NDP to finally pull down this current incarnation of  The Conservative government?

Pages are popping up on Facebook and other sites as Canadians start to mobilize their opposition to the Harper Government’s zeal it seems against our water, air, and soil.

LINK Canada Must Show Climate Leadership

This is the page for Canadians calling on Stephen Harper’s Conservative government to stop being international obstructionists and laggards in climate change politics and instead lead the charge for ambitious, fair, and binding targets and policies.

What do you think of this Canada?  You can post your comments below.

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  1. Blah, blah, blah…..Breakdown for 105-seat Senate as follows
    Liberal 49
    Conservative 51
    Progressive Conservative 2
    Independent or non-aligned 3

  2. I just looked up bill c-311, it is an appears to be an interim plan or an addition to Kyoto, I think Harper did the right thing stalling it or eliminating the bill.
    Speaking from an enginering standpoint I can assure you Canada has enough laws and regulations making it very difficult to accomplish most tasks. If we apply yet another form of legislation, all that will be accomplished is more projects and production done in other countries.

    What we need here is someone to take a stand and ensure all bills and legislation are being enforced, We have to stop spending creating new paths achieving the same ends. It just costs too much money and industry still gets away with what is needed to make their product, it is called symantics and or lobbying.

    In Short as Frank Zappa quoted “Politics is the entertainment branch of industry”

  3. I think the point here is that Mr. Harper has once again sidestepped democracy by using trickery. He has managed to eliminate a bill that was duly voted and passed in the House of Commons because he finds it inconvenient for his agenda to sell Canada to the United States.

  4. If he gave the environment a fraction of the care he gives to his hair…

  5. They’re just playing by the rules. The dictators are all the other parties who bushwack any attempt at true democracy ie elected senates. Mr Harper has stated time and again he will appoint any senator who has been elected by the people. Appointed senators are great when they’re on your side but it sure sucks when the shoe is on the other foot eh?

  6. bwahahah, he should break out the hair cream and glue it down like another past historical figure… don’t forget the proper parting.. and then add some goose stepping to his agenda.. I hope he goes down like the PoS he is quickly becoming to be.. I said this a long time ago, his promise about elected senate, BS!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  7. And at one time the Liberal-controlled Senate stalled and eliminated duly-passed Bills from the House…..did we hear from you good people decrying that? Not a chance!

  8. Me thinks Concerned Citizen just gave us a big “OH YEAH, well I remember when…….”

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