Letter to the Editor – Janet Annesley VP Canadian Association of Petroleum Producers not Happy with Article by Richard Komorowski – November 20, 2010 – Cornwall Ontario

Re:       Canadian Taxpayer Subsidised Tea Party Successes

Canadian Taxpayer Subsidised Tea Party Successes

By Richard Komorowski

Cornwall Free News

November 16, 2010


Reading Mr. Komorowski’s article reminded me of another anti-corporate conspiracy rant,the Unabomber Manifesto by Ted Kaczynski.

Not only is he ill-informed on oil sands production methods, he’s clearly guessing about Canadian royalty and taxation programs. Further he’s conjuring a tenuous connection among U.S.-based Koch, its clearly disclosed political positions and the desire of Canada’s oil industry not to be taxed punitively and capriciously under California’s discriminatory low carbon fuel standard – a policy that asks Canadians to look the other way while higher-carbon Californian oil gets a free pass.
Finally, he suggests Canada should emulate China’s “green energy.” China is rolling wind turbines and solar cells off the assembly lines (should ask where those metals come from by the way) but it’s also building coal-fired power plants to increase capacity by 150 per cent over 25 years – an astounding rate. The GHG footprint of that kind of growth vastly exceeds oil sands, each and every year. Not the kind of record to which Canadians aspire.

Canada’s oil and gas industry employs more than 500,000 Canadians. We paid more than $18 billion in royalties and taxes to provincial and federal governments in 2009. The industry is one of the country’s largest sources of revenue and Canada’s single-largest private investor. Environmentally we are not perfect but we are always getting better.

And our industry has a firm grasp of global energy scenarios. Energy demand is forecast to double by 2050. Double. Given that reality, standing in the way of responsibly developed competitive renewable energy would be just as foolish as standing in the way of responsibly developed competitive Canadian oil and gas.

Janet Annesley

Vice President

Canadian Association of Petroleum Producers

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  1. Janet Annesley’s backers may think her mastery of propaganda techniques is a strong point. I would hope that readers of the Cornwall Free News recognize it as a weak point, and only too telling of her industry and ilk.

    In the first sentence; “Conspiracy”, “Unabomber” and “Kaczynski” juxtaposed with “Komorowski”?!! My, my, my, my, my …Janet.

    The rest of her alternately manipulative and sympathy seeking blather if not confounding in it’s logic; Standing in the way of the petroleum industry is foolish because, “Energy demand is forecast to double by 2050.” — Is Janet Annesley saying we’re going to hell in a handbasket, jump in!?

    And the jargon thrown into the bafflegab is just foolishness; “And our industry has a firm grasp of global energy scenarios.” — What does that even mean?

  2. It means they have all the eggs in their basket! Like it or not!

  3. I would have prefered an article that teaches the points offered, instead it comes off as a rant. With that said, I would also prefer to buy local, North American fuel, and look forward to reading Ezra Lavant’s book on the industry.

  4. Oh, …like an “egg management fee”.

  5. Me thinks that Mr. Komorowski hit a soft spot with the big oil execs..

    Interesting she starts off with associating Mr. Komorowski with a terrorist. Rather, if this is not happening the way Mr. Komorowski has described it as, then why didn’t she educate how things are going on otherwise, other than to flat out attack Mr. Komorowski as such?

    When one comes out hitting like this, it usually means they really do have something to hide, and Mr. Komorowski, please do not let them scare you, this only means you tripped on something that should be exposed, and please continue to expose it!!

    Janet, shut up or educate us on what is really going on!

  6. Come on people take a step out of line at Tim Horton’s long enough to listen. Rick means well but is often, as Janet says, ill-informed

  7. Author

    Welcome back Smee. 🙂

  8. Ok smee, so educate us on the correct information then… like Janet should be doing, instead of attempting to discredit Richard…

  9. Grimalot
    In my expereince and based on the content of your post, i would rather not as is that people will agree with you only if they already agree with you. You do not change people’s minds.

    I work in petro chemical and Rick has some valid points but is speaking with only about 5% actual experience and most of which seem to come from other web pages on the internet. I questioned Rick once before on Peak oil where his information was very similiar to a website of the same name.

    He often seems to miss the deeper issues on his topics. Was it not Rick that had written an article on the new infra red hearing systems a few weeks back? There was an outstanding question relating to the your vision I am not sure if it was ever answered.

    It is great to promote new idea beliefs and concepts but make sure you take all variables into concideration before selling it as good or bad

  10. and i think David Maclean added some information on Rick article “Canadian Taxpayer Subsidised Tea Party Successes by Richard Komorowski – Cornwall Ontario – November 16, 2010”

  11. Would luv to Grimalot but jamie won’t allow the post

  12. sorry my mistake seems it is just not moderated yet

  13. Smee, if there is information against what Rick is saying, then all I am saying is to properly educate the masses on what is really going on. In this case, Rick wrote a story, and instead of educating people on what is really “or apparently” going on, Janet came out gun’s a blazin automatically trying to discredit Rick on what was written. As I said, it seems Rick hit a really soft spot in how he tied a few elements together and was immediately referred to as a terrorist (unabomber)..

    Why not instead of attacking him, did Janet not come on here and educate us all on what was really going on? Perhaps because of the fact that maybe some of what Rick said really was true? Think about it..

    Oxford style debating, which involves 2 groups debating, and the most successful group is the one that did indeed change the most people’s minds in the end. Just saying…

    I don’t expect you to educate us all, but rather, I expect something more appropriate from Janet according to this subject…

  14. Author

    Smee I can tell you that we offered Janet and the CAPP the opportunity to come onto Seawayradio.com for this morning’s show an they declined. Other than comparing our writer to the Unibomber and the LTE they haven’t shown much mettle to support their position.

  15. Grimalot
    A tenet if you will, people will agree with you only if they already agree with you. You do not change people’s minds.

    Ms Annesley has commented on the green energy of which Rick so often promotes and if you read closely her opinion is not that different then what I have stated. To emulate the Asian green intitatve is promotinh GHG with minimal limits. Their manufacturing mentalit is in part whay Mr Kliene told them to keep out of the oil sands.
    David Maclean has commented on Ricks letter to the editor regarding ” Canadian Taxpayer Subsidised Tea Party Successes by Richard Komorowski – Cornwall Ontario – November 16, 2010″
    Mr Maclean wrote
    “Wrong. Natural gas for oil sands is not subsidized or “free.” Royalties and taxes are still paid on the natural gas at the well head. Oil sands producers do incorporate natural gas costs as expenses when calculating profit and therefore income taxes, just like any other business. Your contention that natural gas for oil sands is “subsidized” is demonstrably false.”

  16. is it my pc?

  17. Author

    Yes it is smee 🙂

  18. See smee, I can understand that logic, and I thank you for the little tidbit of information. I happen to know Rick has his information though, and as farfetched as it may seem at times, somethings are just seen that aren’t meant for us to be seen, and Rick posted a soundly researched item, though it may not be 100% accurate in ways if what you say is true, and the response immediately was him being related to a terrorist. I still say, that though some of the information he portrays may not be 100% accurate, you (as in Janet) still do not come out swinging like that and portray a man as a terrorist, unless you really do have something to hide. Maybe its not the tax royalty or subsidy she may be swinging at. Maybe its the Koch relation, who knows. I still say she has something to hide. Much like how people try to tell us that there is not collusion going on at the pumps when we very damned well know that there is…

    I still say Rick is onto something here, and this he must keep up. Don’t worry, let him do his research, let her come out with sound logic instead of looking like an idiot referring to a good man as a terrorist such as the Unibomber…

    I do not wish for us to necessarily follow the Chinese in many of their methods, but if some of their actions perhaps lead to greener energy in the near future, then maybe not all is lost? who knows.. I don’t really want to bother following what the Chinese do except when they’re launching missiles from 30 miles off the coast of the US from subs..

    Regardless of all that, I still say for the VP oil exec Janet, she could have handled her cool a hell of a lot better than that, but unfortunately, with her not so kind response, I truly do think Rick hit a really soft spot and she really has something to hide and now defend.. which based her response.. we’ll see what happens in the future… 😉

  19. Richard can’t be the Unabomber, he doesn’t even look like the Unabomber!

  20. Rick is no different than Janet. He uses what information he has; extrapolates what appears to be correct forms a hypothesis not always based on reliable information. It is not at all like being there.

    Regarding the natural gas costs used in bitumen he is way off topic. I can tell you from experience there is a refinery in Ontario that built a gas fired co-gen facility to offset high energy prices. That was about 6/8 years ago, due to the prices of natural gas and the politics the facility was never commissioned. The company still buys power from the grid. I would think if they actually have all these breaks this facility would have been up and running in a heartbeat.

    Terrorism is not just blowing things up either. You are familiar with psychological terrorism. Confuse the week of mind misinform the masses. This creates the necessary smoke screens both industry and government need to manipulate both people and markets.
    Goebbels rule No 4 and 19

    4. Propaganda must affect the enemy’s policy and action.

    19. Propaganda cannot immediately affect strong counter-tendencies; instead it must offer some form of action or diversion, or both.

  21. Rick, though he touched base on some touchy subjects, especially the Koch connection, did not come out calling the Oil Industry akin to any terrorist.. She could have contacted him, she could have come on and explained their position clearly.. but no, instead she came out guns a blazin as previously mentioned and that in my mind, shows that she has something to hide, regardless of whatever reason included in the story that Rick posted..

    And again, rather than educate, she went on attack instead.. would she attack me if I said BS to their no collusion at the pump theory? or would it be more effective to educate me on what’s really going on? Something drew the oil exec’s ire right off the bat, so now she should come on here and clearly state their positions..

  22. Grimmy, don’t hold your breath

  23. Grimalot,
    This is getting no where, Did Rick not accuse them with out provocation? I have already shown desprepencies in his article and yet you still want more.
    The pine bend refinery was purchased in the 60’s from Great Northern. and so what is it was prurchsed to refine our oil. It is owned by a subsiduary of KOCH and by purchasing our oil for refining we employ people.

    If by chance they did receive favours so be it, if they don’t make money they do not spend money and we are all out of work

  24. Grimalot
    This is just going in circles. You see a conspiracy happening here. I am not justifying Koch after seeing what occurred with Invista.
    Koch or its subsidiary company, Flint Hills, did contribute to California’s Proposition 23. What he did not mention is that act was futile as the bill was defeated, nor were they alone in this attempt.

    Not unlike many companies they are attempting to keep profitable. If these companies do receive any for royalty and taxation programs so be it. It is an unfortunate evil where in if they do not make a profit we do not work.

    Why did Rick not mention Valero, the largest contributor to this feeble attempt of stopping the proposition?

    Koch purchased the Pine Bend Refinery in the late 60’s from Great Northern to refine our product and it keeps Canadians employed. Of course they could close the place due to constrictions and eliminate thousands of jobs. You do know in the end all the green house stuff will cost us more money.

    Take for instance a car I get amazing gas mileage yet I now pay more for fuel, I have energy efficient fridge, dryer, stove, lighting and yet my electricity bills soar. Not to mention the costs for all the new and improved energy efficient appliances.

    Rick as in some of his articles only speaks of one side and only partial facts, just enough to stir the pot

    History repeats, if you wish to see the adage ” the more we change the more we stay the same” and in this case relating to media and propaganda, look to the propaganda minister of nations we were taught to dislike.

    in this situation Goebbels principal No 14a

    They must evoke desired responses which the audience previously possesses

  25. Well…now we know The Seven Sisters read & fear CFN. Janet trembles.

  26. here is another perspective not often shown in the media.
    I posted it lastnite but for some reason it is not shown today, must be my pc again

  27. Author

    smee keeps trying to post CAPP video clips. If CAPP wishes to post this sort of propaganda by all means let a CAPP rep post so. We have new guidelines for Anonymous posting which limit attacks and posting of links. By all means Mr or Ms Smee if you wish to post this you may as long as you’re not using an anonymous ID.

  28. Jamie
    You are leading the media, clearly not allowing posts that provide an alternative to what best serves your own interest. Using my anonymity as an excuse to hide my posts solidifies the reason I post using a pseudonym, and many others should do the same. You cannot be trusted.

    Maybe a screen shot of this discussion should be placed on the net. Also a copy sent to Alexa and see how they feel about your censorship and feeble reasoning you use to support it. Would they still have you at number 2,? What would your sponsors think when they see what you are truly doing on something called free news?

    How do you know I am not a member of CAPP?

  29. Author

    Smee you were given a vacation for this sort of behaviour before. We have explained to you politely that if you want to post anonymously then you have limits like anyone else that wants to post as such. Posting on any site is via courtesy. It is not a right. If you are not happy with the limits then you have other options as you threaten with all of the time.

    “How do you know I am not a member of CAPP?”

    Well if you are a member of CAPP posting anonymously shame on you, and shame on CAPP. If you believe in what you say put your name to it.

    CAPP asked to post a LTE which they signed their name to.

  30. So you are saying that I cannot provide information from the CAPP site. How can Rrichard or anyone else do the same from any other site. Only because you know who they are? What a stellar basis for posting information.

    Seems a tad hyprocritical, especially from a person claiming they support freedom of speech..

    There is aboslutely noting wrong with the information I have provided, the problem is your own lack of experience and ignorence abroad.

    As I have said before, Discovery Channel and David Suzuki do not provide all the answers, there are two sides and often the only one provided is the oh wait

    19. Propaganda cannot immediately affect strong counter-tendencies; instead it must offer some form of action or diversion, or both.

    Keep up the good work.

  31. Author

    Smee this isn’t about the debate or subject. This is simply what you can and can’t say here as an anonymous poster. You know that. Post with your own name as Richard does and many of the other posters on this site do, and you can post anything within legal boundaries.

    Hope that’s clear with you as this is my last word to you on this. If you cross the line again it’s another vacation.

  32. smee, where do you get off calling Jamie someone who cannot be trusted? I’d rather trust Jamie over a wingnut like yourself!

  33. I must admit that I really slowed down my commenting here a while ago because of smee’s insulting responses. Being called ignorant whenever there is a difference of opinion gets a little tiring.

  34. This clip which arrived in my inbox this morning will no doubt enlighten and perhaps even spur you into some action. As Maude Barlow points out, ” With Only Market-Based Solutions on the Table “The Continued Destruction of the Earth…Can Go on Quite Happily”. Please view the following: http://www.commondreams.org/video/2010/12/06
    I am dissappointed with the inaction of our Prime Minister in this matter. Shame on you Mr. Harper. Think of your children; all of our children and the world that will be left to them.

  35. “Think of your children; all of our children and the world that will be left to them”. Run for your lives – the Big Green Monster of Globe Warming is going to devour all our children! Victims in the making. Oh, Help us Kermit, save us before it is to late…………………. ah, ah, ah, ah, ah, etc. It got me!

  36. Oh Oh. Looks like the insanity at the Freeholder had died down, so the preacher needs the alternate outlet.
    So Tom, what’s your favourite Cornwall restaurant?

  37. Richard couldn’t possibly be the Unabomber; I know for a fact that Richard is an air-head in mathematics.

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