Cornwall Ontario City Council Gets New Look – Says Goodbye to Councilors MacDonald and Hug – HD VIDEO – November 23, 2010

Cornwall ON – An era ended last night.    The class of 2006 took its last meeting in the new council chambers in Cornwall Ontario.   The new cherry finished desks were in place.  The new and impressive sound system worked, and I can’t wait for the internet plugs on the media table to work as that will make it faster for us to bring you the news from council.

It was a short meeting too.   Mostly it was saying goodbye to those leaving and getting ready for the new council.

This group was not as boisterous as the prior council and with the end of the line for now for former Councilor’s Hug and MacDonald and their replacements Mr. Maurice Dupelle and David Murphy it should be an even quieter group to cover.

Councilor Hug Says Goodbye


Who will be the voice of the people?   Will there be any divisiveness?   Who will shine and who will raise certain questions?    Is there someone to replace Councilor MacDonald and who will Glen Grant have to bicker with?

The new chairs are in too; not sure if they’re more comfortable or not, but I have a hunch they won’t last as long as the old Blue ones did.   The media chairs and crowd chairs are not an improvement.

Mayor Kilger has a lot to be happy about.

The city is in pretty darn good shape considering one of the worst recessions ever has been plaguing the world.   Cornwall is experiencing economic growth, but some of those numbers were optics for an election year.

It should be interesting to see if some of Mark MacDonald’s criticisms come home to roost or were accurate?

Depending on the final cost of the arena project (Cornwall is responsible for all cost over runs) and the sewage treatment plantCornwall will definitely be in debt again.

Some on council actually want to touch the capital of the $25 Million dollar Progress Fund.   I say add to it and let it grow so that Cornwall can one day perhaps not be in debt again.

With demands for a new Cultural Centre or at least more support for Arts and Culture in Cornwall will the city find the funds to help?

What impact will the booming of big box stores have on Cornwall?   I know of a few downtown stores that will be announcing closures and what impact will the new stores have on traffic in that Brookdale tollgate crossing.

The 2010-2014 Council should be interesting too when it comes to health care and our airport.

It should be fun to watch the city endeavor to really amp up its wattage if it can resolve the impasse on extending the runway and attracting more commerce to Cornwall.

Mark MacDonald says goodbye


And finally for this story what will hold in the future for former councilor MacDonald?   He surprised many in his bid to be mayor.   His campaign got off to a great start and while the results weren’t what he hoped for what will the next four years hold in store for him?

Is he done with politics?  Is he as rumored about the take the NDP Provincial Nomination for this riding?

Last Interview with Mark MacDonald as Cornwall Ontario City Councilor


And of course the burning question asked of me last night….what of Pat Finnerty?  And did he in fact vote for himself?


And speaking of candidates who weren’t elected Gerry Samson is coming under scrutiny as allegations are surfacing that his residency in Cornwall for the election may be in question?   Mr. Samson is waiting patiently for the first candidate to get elected Federally or fall to illness as he finished 11th in the voting.

“a resident of the municipality, a non-resident owner or tenant of land in the municipality or the spouse of such non-resident owner or tenant;A candidate, if nominated, must remain qualified throughout the election and, if elected, throughout the term of office.”

So if Mr. Samson was not a qualified candidate during the election he could not take the next seat if available.  If Mr. Samson was disqualified that would put Mary Ann Hug back on Council although one city politico suggested the possibility of tabling a bylaw that could require a by election?


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  1. In response to a by-election, under the Municipal Elections Act the election must be no later than 60 Days after the clerk declares a by-election. I believe voter turn out may be too low to truly replace a vacant seat. However, I believe council has several options including:

    1)Acclamation: Not a good choice in this case due to Mr.Samson’s controversy.

    2)Leave the Seat Vacant: May work depending on the date the election is called! If the seat becomes vacant after March 31 of an election year, this case being 2014, than a by-election is prohibited.

    3)Call a By-Election: I think this would be the best option because it eliminates any possible view of favoritism and keeps the current council elect impartial. Although 60 Days to campaign doesn’t seem like much it enough time to elect one individual.

    And Since I ran in this years election, I would love the opportunity to test the remaining candidates debating skills; which we were not provided with the opportunity to perform during the last election.

    I wish the best of luck to the new council and you will no doubt see me around the council meetings learning and documenting what decisions were made and by who; so that I can better prepare myself for the 2014, or earlier, election.

    I believe Bernadette can win against Guy and to be honest I hope she does and I will be supporting her when and if a Federal election is called! She is a genuinely good person with very strong leadership qualities that can represent Cornwall like it should be!

    Thank You,
    Mike Bedard

  2. I just met with Mr.Samson and his address on his driver’s license is Cornwall! He is reasonably upset with all of the contriversy and I don’t blame him. I believe the city clerk would have confirmed Mr.Samson’s address prior to elections. I know she did when I put my name forth for nominations and I can attest that she provided great service!

    Apparently someone at city hall had insinuated that I mentioned, in the article above, that Mr.Samson was not a qualified candidate! So, naturally he came to visit me! I know who, at city hall, spoke with Mr. Samson but that person obviously was either misinformed or misunderstood the statement above!

    Does anyone see where I said Mr. Samson wasn’t or isn’t a qualified candidate? When I ran for politics I belived our elected officials needed to exact chagne to gain further confidence from our community and, despite not being elected, I have not lost my drive and enthusiasm or beleif of this statemet but however I find Cornwall may need to change its culture, or the way it operates, before major progressive change can occur! What I mean by this is that we need to work together as a community and not as individuals struggling for political leverage!

    I hope I can some day be a part of bringing our Community back into the spotlight! Right now as coomunity member and hopefully someday as a cummunity leader!

    Thank You,
    Mike Bedard

  3. Mr. Mark MacDonald was a much maligned member of council only for exercising his duty to represent the electorate. It is only the opportunism by some in the media and some grumblers and their cronies at city hall — that couldn’t grasp that democracy is built on majority rule and not concensus — that Mr. MacDonald was vilified as someone opposing the public good.

    If someone wants to present an opposing view, stick to it, and even filibuster… that is an acceptable, relevant, and necessary element in the democratic process.

    And Mr. MacDonard’s short and simple goodbye was indicative of someone who didn’t seek personal satisfaction, but rather found satisfaction in public service, plain and simple. And his words evidence his true commitment and gentlemanly self.

    However, coucillors like Councillor Bernadette Clement don’t get that… she in particular once justified a wimpish change of her minority opposition vote, on the principle that she must vote with the majority, because “that’s democracy”. Lord help us if she makes it to Ottawa.

    But as Mr. Bedard suggests, Clement can win against Guy, …”the voice, the spirit, the hope”, the empty campaign slogan… is about as substantial as the nonexistent basis for re-electing Lauzon.

    Which brings me to the above, “two in a row” comments (although Mr. Bedard should note, two doesn’t make a row); it would serve the community better that one take action on issues that need attention; let the electorate see you work. Talk and observe if you wish, but with your tender years and narrow focus and experience you’ll have to put yourself out there.

    The political failures in your past — college and city — and the reasons for them, need to be considered before you get your hopes up.

  4. Well said Flipper!!!

  5. Hello Flipper,

    I use my name because I am not afraid and I am actually proud of my past! If we are to speak of those who need to stick their neck out than maybe you should state your name first and then step foot into a public battle! I was on the Board of Directors at St.Lawrence College and served my colleagues very well and arguably better than any other program hands down! Only someone who attended ST.Lawrence College at the time would know this!

    I ran for election for student government, Student President, and declared that if elected I would audit the financial statements of the current council because I believed and it would prove the misuse of expenditures!

    At the time you needed something like ten signatures to be nominated! I was the first to hand in my nomination and then the current president second! She was the head of what I and many others believed to be a disorganized and dishonest group. The current election official, a good friend of the current president, tried to disqualify myself and the current president for having the same name on our nomination form! Although I could have protested, my reason for running was to eliminate the current council! There was three candidates Myself, The current president and a third gentleman who I knew from High School and knew was honest and hard working! I agreed to my disqualification only if the current president was disqualified too! She was! The board members each approached me in confidence and where shocked and upset that I let this happen! I told each of them ” We Won!” the goal from the outset was to replace the current government and we did; with a reputable honest man! If I would have fought, the rules stated that no name can be used twice and the second time it was used would have been disqualified! Hence, pitting me against the honest unknown! Instead I chose, solely, to acclaim him. The people who thought they beat me lost in the end and that seems to be my life story!

    The council was made up of a President and two Vice Presidents. One Vice President was in charge of Student Life and the other in charge of Finance. The VP of Finance had to submit a resume and be interviewed by faculty for the position. So the best interviewee wins out of an average of 4 students! The VP of Student Life was elected by the student body. The VP of Student Life flunked out of College two weeks later and the new VP of Finance, a class mate of mine showed me proof of personal spending used for dinners, alcohol and much more; further more proving our, me and my classmates, suspicions! In the end, the good triumphed and those who were working hard to hide their indiscretions forgot why thy were elected!

    So do you think my “political failures of my past” still need to be considered, Flipper!.. or will you now flip flop like your name states?

    Use your real name on this site and I will gladly debate you and then we can talk aloud about one another’s personal failures and honors or are you a one of those trying to exact political leverage?

    Are you aware of any of my personal accolades including:
    – Presidents List- Highest GPA in Accounting
    – Ontario Summer Games – Double Silver Medalist – Track and Field
    – Over 300 other athletic awards as a youth.
    – Owner and Employer of over 35 employees
    – The youngest candidate and only current business owner to run for election in this years election at the age of 28.
    – Finishing second out of the first time candidates running in the 2010 election.

    Yes, I was not elected but no will people like you NEVER STOP me from continuing to exact progressive change!……but I doubt we will get anything but a lame uhh, well, that’s OK but…, enugh said, and well…. that was bold….or excuse me… I didn’t know and maybe…..!

    I am sorry that I must be aggressive in this response but I am not a coward and I will always defend myself with the best form of defense whether it be by a verbal response, withholding tactful information for better times, relenting to protect loved ones or ignoring utter stupidity! I will always go to the net and ensure I come back defensively when I need too!

    Flipper please state your name and then I will gladly show the public why your comments were used to gain political leverage!

    Thank You,
    Mike Bedard

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