Four Arrested over Cotton Mill Fire in Cornwall Ontario – November 25, 2010

photo courtesy of Rob Selwood

Cornwall ON – Four arrests were made regarding the Cotton Mill fires of October 10, 2010.      An 18 year old was arrested as well as three minors under 18.  All names have not been released.

“If you have any further information regarding this investigation, please contact D/Cst. Robert Archambault by dialing (613) 933-5000, ext. 2470.”

To see our original coverage of the story including the video CLICK HERE.

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  1. They should release the name of the 18yo.. Hell, make true justice and release all their names so the public can shame them… then perhaps in the future, someone will think twice before being a total idiot.. true justice, but we make it possible to get away with something like this while remaining out of the limelight..

    In Japan, someone gets caught littering, spitting, pissing, dropping gum, etc, their family is shamed on national TV.. look at Japan, you don’t see all this crap going on.. and for good reason.. we should learn something from them and apply the same treatment here!!

    But no, lets build more jails, and jail up more pot smokers.. for shame!!

  2. There was alot of rumours going around that it was arson, even my good friend thought someone was up to no good concerning the fire. Well, when you’re right, you’re right!

  3. After these people are tried and convicted, after they do their jail time, then is the time to tell them that they will have to pay for all the damages, to the insurance companies or to the owners. Put a seizure against all lifetime earnings until the damages are paid off. I think thats the only way you will teach these teen-aged vandals a lesson and perhaps others will think twice before committing arson!

  4. An accident waiting to happen, or an arson waiting to happen… makes no difference.

    A building left empty, with no security, no alarm, no fire suppression… and three or four little fools get suckered in.

    It’s only the third fire on a property in which a demolition company has had an interest (the former Domtar site, and the ICI shed before this). But of course it’s only a coincidence (waiting to happen).

    And as I see the old raceway and other history buried underneath the cotton mill demolition waste, it has handily erased and avoided any action or expense to preserve our heritage sites.

    And apart from the suspicion of it all, is the action/inaction by our local governance.

    Is the City going to be compensated for this fire which occurred under the absence of reasonable security by the owners? Does the City continue to allow vacant properties to tempt foolish little twerps?

    A quick walk around the old “Curling Club” and the old “Aardvark Bar” reveals negligence by the property owners and negligence of City of Cornwall inspection… these two locations are just begging for a light.

    So in lieu of being able to control lunacy, the least we can do is limit opportunities for reckless behaviour.

    That being said, the city needs to do its duty to the rest of us and prevent such events.

  5. I have been through the building a few years back for a job interview. It poses an interesting question, how s that much brick mortar and steel burn so well?
    There are some old east coast timbers and supports but not enough to cause such a fire. Then, as flipper mentioned they had no fire suppression.

    I would hope FM or Factory Mutual investigates this with bias as this is negligence by property owners and our own city engineering staffs for not ensuring building codes are being met.

    I am only glad Source did not go up as well as it is still one or the best place for wood products and professional help.

    The teens are nothing more then an escape goat again

  6. Author

    There surely are more question marks to this fire than answers at the moment….

  7. It’s worth noting, that eye witnesses report that the fire department didn’t act very quickly upon arrival.

    These witnesses aren’t fire professionals, whereas fire fighters are, and it’s Safety First of course, …but some people on the scene felt that it went beyond that.

    So just to clear the air, it would be worth a second look as to cause, liability, cost, insurance and who got the bill.

    And what is policy on empty structures in the city, and Fire Department policy on fighting fires at these locations?

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