So Do you think Elections are acurate? Take our poll and tell the world what you think? November 26, 2010 – Cornwall Ontario

Cornwall ON – So my friend and I were chatting on the phone.   She’s huge on Conspiracy theories.  There isn’t one that she isn’t in on and we got to talking about voting.

With voting going into the electronic age she feels there’s more opportunity to “rig a vote” and less ability to actually check the results.

So I spent time chatting with a bunch of people this aft about what they thought about elections and voting.   Why people didn’t vote and why they did and what they thought about the system.

Frankly it was a bit scary and I thought I’d put out this poll and see what you, our amazingly smart viewers feel.   So please vote and you can comment below as well.

Do you think election results can be rigged?

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  1. What is election fraud?

    Does election fraud happen? According to the Vancouver Sun the answer is yes!

    Elections abroad in places like Egypt are a fraud.

    Does election fraud happen here in Canada or in the United States? I certainly hope not! But as the example of Florida in 2000, there is always that suspicion.

    No system is perfect, and there is always the chance that a few corrupt people will try to fudge the results, so that is why transparency and accountability are so vital.

  2. I recall stories about police and emergency vehicles blocking streets in Democrat areas of Florida during that election. If it really did happen, and voters from certain neighborhoods couldn’t vote as a result, I’d say that it was election fraud.
    Electronic voting either by voting machine or online would be really easy to manipulate. For e-voting to be squeaky-clean, EVERY piece of hardware and software used to collect and tabulate votes has to be inspected and tested by at least two independent experts.

  3. And another way of controlling an election is to have enough money and influence to create a fake grass roots movement, as Big Oil did via Sarah (North Korea is our ally) Palin and the Tea Party, with the help of a compliant media.

  4. Leadership: “The ability to spend millions of dollars on negative ad campaigning to convince everyone that you suck less than anyone else.”

  5. Paper ballots with an X are transparent; easy to scrutinize by the scrutineers. Electronic voting is interpreted by rarefied, high priest scientists operating at vast distance from Lunchbox Joe.

  6. I like the idea of reducing human error and combining systems. Voter fills out a ballot by darkening a square beside the name and the card is electronically read at the clerk desk. This tabulates all day and you have the cards if a check needs to be confirmed.

    But how do we get the voters out? Some smaller commuinties were mailing out a pin number, then you would phone or use the internet from the comfort of your own home.

    Advance polls at a grocery store?

  7. Hate to say it, but you know how they go after deadbeat parents for not paying child support or also students that do not pass high school, they cannot get their licences renewed.. something similar should be thought up and applied here in Canada… that’ll kill voter apathy in a heartbeat.. come on folks, its your democratic right and duty to go and vote.. so do so!

    They can deliver the corresponding papers along with someones licence for example.. there are so many ways a system such as the licence system can be used in order to make sure that many other things are accomplished across the country!

    Some may view this as draconian, but it isn’t really, its all for the real and better good in the end! Sometimes people need a real shock in order to do what they should do!

  8. On the other hand Grimy, maybe it is better that the large percentage of eligible voters who have had their brains sucked out by Wheel of Fortune and Oprah and such, stay home on voting day. An amazing number of Canadian adults don’t have a clue, and don’t give a rats ass how our political system works, and the only thing they have to go on at election time are stupid election ads that interrupt their equally stupid TV shows.
    Now, what channel is Canada’s Worst Drivers on?

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