Letter to the Editor – Diane Marshall Congratulates Waterloo on ending Fluoridation and asks why not Cornwall Ontario? November 30, 2010

Some of you may be asking why.
The citizens of Waterloo started researching and investigating almost 3 years ago what fluoride was.
They found that there are over 2,000 health officials who are calling for an end to fluoridation worldwide and that list is growing.
The Fluoride Action Network is a growing amount of professionals, that warns about the dangers of fluoridated water.  One aim, to get warnings on water bills that fluoride in tape water should not be given to babies under 12 months, because for some reason municipalities are not telling young parents this. The ADA (American Dental Association) warns that exposure to fluoride 12 months and under is dangerous yet young parents in Cornwall are not told.
Back in the 70’s, mother’s were told to give their new born babies fluoride drops which, I did because my doctor told me it was a good thing! Now we find out they should have never been exposed to those drops ever. My first child always had gastro problems, cramps, endless crying her first year of life. My second child never had the fluoride drops and ironically, I never had a problem with her. How can we trust our doctor’s now that they are telling us NO do not expose a baby to fluoride the first year of their life. And, why are they not educating citizens?
The ADA and the Ontario Health Unit warns not to let a child put more than a pea size amount of toothpaste on their brush yet how many Cornwall parents know this? Parents also probably do not know that children must be supervised while brushing to make sure their child does not swallow, as fluoride is meant to be topical, not ingested. Did you know there is enough fluoride in a family size
tube of toothpaste to kill a (11kg) 25 lb child?
Fluoride is a “topical medication” as is sun screen lotion.  (I consider it not even topical myself). So how is fluoride in our tap water helping our teeth when it just rushes by barely penetrating the tooth? Fluoride is of no use unless it is brushed on the teeth.
Would you swallow your sun screen lotion rather then apply to you skin to prevent sun burning? Of course not! Does your sun screen bottle label not mention the dangers of swallowing? Does not children’s toothpaste not mention the dangers of swallowing also?
So, if it is not safe to swallow in toothpaste, why are they putting it in our water?
I would like the citizens of Cornwall to understand the history of fluoride.  Dr. Hodges was the scientist in the 1940’s who suggested we put fluoride in city waters. The highly respected scientist of his time said that even though small amounts fluoride was safe in tap water, he admitted at the same time it was considered a pollutant in rivers and lakes and in the atmosphere. He was associated with the aluminium industry who were in danger of being sued for the death of animals and plants around their industries. Dr. Hodges was also associated with the Manhattan project, the building of atomic nuclear bombs and the effects of fluoride (a main ingredient in the bomb). YES, one of the main ingredients of the atom bomb was fluoride. He was also associated with human radiation
experiments at the University of Rochester. Dr. Hodges was also associated with Dr. Robert Kehoe.
Dr.Robert Kehoe was from the Kettering laboratories (known for their research on toxicity). He became the main promoter that fluoride was safe. Kehoe also promoted that lead was safe in gasoline which we all know now is not true.  Edward Burnays also helped promote fluoride, Burnays was known for promoting tabacco & smoking was good for you in the 50’s. Enough said about that now!
Now, I ask you? Should we have ever trusted these main promoters of fluoride and should we keep using it in Cornwall tap water?
Eastern Kingston’s tap water is fluoridated by the orders of the Canadian military. Now that is a good one, considering that Hitler used fluoride in the water to control his population. His scientist discovered, it made them complacent.  Meanwhile in Canada, it was Dr. Richard Foulkes MD (1973) who wrote a long report recommending fluoridation be mandatory in Canada.
In 1990, his view of the positive advantages of fluoridation was challenged. As a result, he and his wife, Anne, have spent much of their time reviewing the topic and participating in international conferences (Kyoto, Japan, 1992; Beijing, China, 1994) on fluoride and its effects. He is totally anti-fluoride now.
Another once pro-fluoride scientist is Canadian scientist, Dr. Hardy Limeback who changed his tune when he found out 30-60% of Canadian children show signs of over fluoridation.  Dental fluorosis; a condition of the teeth where you see browning, discolouration & sometimes holes in the teeth. The ADA (American Dentist Association) remarks that is is okay because as it is only a cosmetic issue. If the fluoride in tap water is doing this to children’s teeth, what could it be doing to their little bones?
Why should our children even have to go through this?  Most European countries do not fluoridate, nor does British Columbia, most of Quebec and most of Nfld. Ontario is the most highly fluoridated province. The World Health Organization (WHO) finds in
their database that tooth decay is on the decline in all countries. When checking the decline line since 1971, you cannot pick out the lines from fluoridated countries, versus non-fluoridated.
A question I am asking the city is where does Cornwall get it’s fluoride supply as during my research, I have found some states in the US are getting their fluoride from China as it is cheaper.  Fluoridation is unethical because individuals are not being asked for their INFORMED consent prior to medication. This is standard practice for all medication, and one of the key reasons why most of
western Europe has ruled against fluoridation. Doctors have no control how much fluoride people are getting in their system as the amounts of glasses of water drunk in a day CANNOT BE  CONTROLLED. This is a great concern for a diabetic.
Dr. Hodges recommended how much was safe in a glass of water, he never considered the amount of water a human being will drink.
Tests have shown that fluoride caused brain damage in rats but, that research was quickly hushed.  Symptoms of over-fluoridation…
Arthritis, bone disease, lower IQ in children, cancer, dental fluorosis, gastrointestinal problems, risk to brain, risk to thyroid (which signs are depression, lack of energy) and much more.
I congratulate the citizens of Waterloo, Ontario for their brave fight against fluoride and I hope that Cornwall citizens will do the same.  I contacted our mayor and counsellors about my concerns only getting a reply from three of them and those three brushed me off.  I knew the dangers of fluoride a few years ago but did not know we do have a right to vote it out.  When I saw the results of the Waterloo, Ontario referendum, I realized we do have choices, we can make a difference.
Look in your child’s eyes, look in your Grandchildren’s eyes. Do they not deserve water without toxins?  Do they not deserve to have healthy teeth and no dangers of dental fluorosis?  I would like to end this letter to my community by telling you like I tell everyone.
Do not believe any research, even mine, without researching yourself. Fluoride is a fraudulent science. There is more science against it than there is for it.
Visit NotinmywaterCornwall on You Tube for more information and links to important video’s by professionals and links to the Ontario Health Unit, the ADA, more information & video’s. Also you can contact me at notinmywater@gmail.com.
We also have a Facebook page Notinmywater Let’s be like Waterloo, contact our mayor or your city counsellor and tell them
we want a referendum, we want change. Visit WaterlooWatch.com to see how they did it.
Together we can make a difference. One voice means nothing, thousands of voices work!
Diane Marshall
Concerned Cornwall Citizen

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  1. Good luck in your fight Diane I wish more people would look into this issue. Funny the recently defeated Bill C-311 listed a ton of greenhouse gasses the majority of which contained Fluoride as part of it’s construct. Funny how the country will fight to take it out of the air but then pays for it to be put in their drinking water. Personally I think putting it into the air or the water should be a criminal offence.

  2. Diane, congratulations on raising this important issue and providing some excellent research. The inclusion of fluoride in any substance which is consumed is utter madness. This is another scam, like so many others we face every day. i.e. junk food, soft drinks, aspartame, MSG, pharmaceuticals, vaccines, etc.

    You are correct in saying that fluoride was associated with the aluminum industry. Actually, fluoride is a by-product, a waste product of the aluminum industry and the powerful Mellon family in the U.S. was responsible for getting it into water, toothpaste etc. back in the 1930’s. Usually if you follow the money and backtrack a bit, you can see the big picture.

    The industry had no suitable place to ‘dump’ the fluoride, but why should they do that when they can ‘sell’ it as this great innovation! The whole thing has been a colossal scam perpetuated on an unsuspecting public.

    I agree with all of the points made in your letter. We need to avoid fluoride entirely to maintain good health.

  3. This is just one of the things we do see, imagine what we don’t if you really want to take a look at what they are doing to us there are some grate films out there that will explain some of this. I recommend Food Matters, Food Inc, Aspartame Sweet Misery A Poisoned World, Sugar the bitter truth. some of the videos are available on YouTube and it is well worth the time to check them out Open your eyes take a stand and become empowered.

  4. how stupid can people be,since they started adding flouride to drinking water the cases of tooth decay,especially in children has gone down ,and even now when you have a dental checkup they give you a flouride treatment

  5. Patricia

    If you go and do some research you will be surprised at what you will find about fluoride and teeth I will let you look and decide, just because a dentist, doctor etc… Dose something does not mean it is safe or ok, remember they only do what they are taught.
    And this can be said about many things the health industry states, Drink Milk to prevent osteoporosis if this is true why in North America do we have people with this problem?At an alarming rate. But other country’s that milk is not a staple of their diet, or it is whole not processed do we not see the same situation. That alone should make people do some research, to find out what the other side of the story is, and then make their own decision on what is Wright. Empower yourself, all the information is out there if you take the Time to read instead of just listening

  6. The idea of forcing medication on a population through a municipal water system seems pretty scary to me. What if the “powers that be” decided that the population would be better off (or more easily controlled) if they just added a little paroxetine to the water?

  7. There is a long history of forcing medication on a population through food fortification and enrichment. Salt is iodized to prevent gout, Vitamin D is added to milk, Vitamin A to margarine, Vitamin C is added to all kinds of food, niacin is added back to processed grain products to prevent pellagra, thiamin addition prevents beriberi, folic acid is being added to flour to help prevent neural tube defects in babies, etc, etc.

    The precedence is there. Just don’t eat the soylent green….or the magic mushrooms.

  8. Author

    `now now Reg, some of us like those Magic Mushhies 🙂

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