Cornwall Ontario Have you signed up with Syljack Snow Removal Yet? Make sure your driveway is clean all season long! Call them today at 613 931 3366

Cornwall ON – Now that’s a scary yet pretty image.   Our first real snow here in Cornwall Ontario.    Snow’s lovely to look at through your window, but do you want to shovel your drive way?  Especially after the plows come?    Are you tired of missing work or appointments while waiting for “that guy” who may or may not show up to clear your driveway?


Call Syljack Snow Removal and sign up with them for the season before it’s too late!   No more back aches.  No more risk of heart attack.  Just get in your car and go!   One fee covers you until April and their state of the art snow blowers won’t rip up your lawns like a plow can.

Call Syljack today at 613 931 3366 and tell them you read about Syljack on The Cornwall Free News!



  1. After this major storm they have not done my driveway once. I have been calling since 3 p.m Dec 27 I finally talked to someone today they said it should have been cleared enough for me to be able to leave my driveway it was not done. it is now 9:26 a.m Dec 28 still at least 4 feet of snow in my driveway no Syljack truck yet. This is not the first time I have had issues with them. Next year snow go will get my business

  2. I will never hire them again and tell everyone to not hire them. They did not show up last year, we had to do more shoveling than what they plowed. When we had a big storm I tried calling every number for them and would only get voice mail. I missed a day of work because I could not shovel out of my driveway. About two weeks later I got ahold of them finally and their answer was that it was a bad storm so I probably couldn’t have made it to work anyway! So we pay them $359.00 so we can shovel, miss work and not be able to reach them. DO NOT HIRE…Snow go this year 2013.

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  4. They snowblowed and ploughed all my gravel off my driveway including large half inch gouges into the ground and left it in a huge pile in the ditch in front of my house. They say they never repair gravel driveways. As the plowing was a surprise gift from a relative to prevent me shovelling or having to pay, the relative paid the bill and I guess signed the agreement. A wonderful gift gone terribly wrong as I now have to shovel some myself somehow and pay to have the rest removed from the ditch and put on the driveway. They obviously don’t care as they have left their sign advertising who did the horrible mess right beside it.

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