Habs lose to Oilers in OT 4-3 – Flames Extinguished by Canucks 7-2 NHL SCORES December 2, 2010 – Cornwall Ontario

Cornwall ON – Well the Habs lost to the Edmonton Oilers.   Ok, it was in Overtime, but how did that happen?  Yeah, the Oilers scored one more goal, but come on, losing to Edmonton?  I mean that almost like losing to…Calgary, or the Islanders!

The good news is that Scott Gomez scored a point as his play off tune up regime called the regular season continues.   Mr. Gomez has come under fire recently for his dismal 1st quarter of the season.

With little hope of trading away his $7M contract he has to step up his play or risk being Souray’d to the minors so that the cash rich Habs can use that cap space on someone that is projected to score more than 24 points for the season.

Speaking of cap space if it is determined that Mr. Markov is done for the year and ends up on IR it should be interesting to see what the Habs do with his cap space??   I don’t like those rumours swirling about Bieska coming over from Vancouver.  I don’t think he’s the guy for this team.   While teams are keying a bit more on PK Subban as the teams only real offensive threat on D, a top six forward with some grit is still what the doctor is ordering for this squad.

The right player would help Scott Gomez right now as he needs two wingers on his line and not one and a body.

The Tim Thomas show continues in Boston as he shut out Philly 3-0.   Nashville needed the shoot out in their 4-3 win over Columbus; Washington defeated St. Louis 4-1; Phoenix doubled Minnesota and Jose Theodore 4-2; the Canucks extinguished the Flames 7-2; and Anaheim beat the Panthers 5-3.

What do you think Hockey fans?  You can post your comments below.

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