Project Warmth Offers Free Energy Greenbox Kits by Richard Komorowski – Cornwall Ontario – December 2, 2010

Cornwall ON – The Social Development Council of Cornwall and Area are offering a free Energy Greenbox kit to anyone who would like to be a little warmer this winter, and save some money too. These kits are being distributed today (Wednesday) and tomorrow at Justin’s No Frills at Cornwall Square, between 10:00 am and 3:00 pm. But hurry up, because these kits are going like the proverbial hot cakes.

Project Warmth hopes to help tackle energy poverty in ourarea by giving out a few simple items that can help keep homes warmer and reduce utility bills. The Energy Greenbox Kit contains some useful items. Included are two CFL light bulbs, which use about a quarter of the power of a regular light bulb, a plastic window kit, large enough to draft-proof about five windows, foam weather-stripping for doors, foam backs to go between a light switch cover or plug-in cover, to reduce the draft, and a variety of simple energy saving tips.

Friends of the Earth, in Ottawa, have helped put these kits together, which also include a fact-sheet about energy poverty. Energy poverty became a crisis in 2008, as we went into a depression caused by the jump in oil prices. Things have not really improved much since then, despite government reassurances that we are out of the depression. With HST on home heating, rising electricity prices, and oil prices edging towards the $100 mark again, even more people will soon be vulnerable.

If you miss the Energy Greenbox offer at Justin’s No Frills, there may still be some available by contacting the Social Development Council office at 613.930.0211.

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  1. You are doing a great job Richard keeping us informed on energy related issues. I always look forward to reading your articles. I hope you keep the oil patch commandos off your doorstep and keep the information flowing.

  2. Great idea. I few simple pointers and ideas can really go a long way in helping folks learn how to save on they’re heating and energy costs.

  3. Thanks for helping us spread the word of energy poverty, Richard.
    Unfortunately, we did run out quite early this morning at Justin’s No Frills, but kits are still available from our office. Please do not hesitate to give us a call and find out if we have a kit for you!

  4. Melanie are you really there to hand out energy kits or to just look at and listen to all the old men like me sitting or shopping in the mall ? lol it’s a nice pic of you tho

  5. I am all for helping people who need it, but these kits are costing money somehow, and seeing Ontario Power Generating on the bag means its all of us paying.

    I assume SDC is paid for by the province as they are an idependant non profit, are we also paying for Friends of the Earth?

  6. Eric…pleased to hear that you are all for helping out people who need it….I certainly hope that when you lay your head on your warm pillow at night you count your blessings…many can’t! Big thumbs up for all those who are trying to make a difference….and yes I do count my blessings…..

  7. Surely the school system is still teaching how to count! LOL

    I am against taxpayer funded agencies giving away things. The amount of money that we taxpayers give to various programs, groups, world side and local, is not being spent properly. If it was, we would not have homeless except by choice, hungary, or senoirs struggling to stay in their homes.

  8. I’m afraid I don’t understand Eric. You are all for helping people as long as it doesn’t cost anything but you are against agencies giving things away? Does this mean it’s OK for someone not a taxpayer to help people who don’t earn enough to pay taxes? Why are we worried about Hungarians? How very conservative of you.

    I have a question for you: How many fighter jets does it take to feed the hungry?

    Answer: We will never know because we are going to have both.

  9. Eric…if you believe that the money that the various groups are spending is not spent properly I am certain they would greatly appreciate your helping hand by giving of your time or offering suggestions to get things on track.

  10. I would imagine hundreds will not go hungry purchasing military aircraft, it takes a lot of people directly and indirectly in most manufacturing. (No matter the country Reg LOL)

    No matter what is done, there will be a cost, the way it is done though should be looked at. A good example is a recent needle program. The city of Ottawa chose to stop funding it and the Province, the same people telling us to do laundry on the weekend, restarted it and is paying the bill.

    Giving needles to illegal drug users is not a good way to spend that money when you have working people with diabetes having to pay for their own.

    We see Ontario having another layer in the chain towards the health end user called Local Health Networks.

    There must be alot of areas most of us do not even know about, but there is plenty of tax revenue, it is the way it spent.

  11. Preventing diseases such as AIDS and hepatitis is always cheaper than treating them. Even if you hate drug addicts and wish them no well, keeping them as healthy as possible makes economic sense. Most hard-right idealogs hate this concept, and would rather have these “low life scumbags” suffer even if it costs more. It’s kinda like spending multi billions of dollars to expand our prison system, rather than investing in crime prevention.

  12. Just thought of another waste of money. The Ontario government changed the trillum logo. The amount quoted was 219,000 dollars. That is over 7,000 pairs of 30 dollar sandles with tax in.
    Add to the total though, new office stationary, business cards, vehicle logos, forms etc and that amount more than doubles across the province.

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