Same Old Same Old or Fresh New Blood? Committees in Cornwall Ontario – Editorial by Jamie Gilcig – December 10, 2010

Cornwall ON- Cornwall Ontario, like many cities, invites citizens to sit on committees.     There was a letter to the editor in the Standard Free Holder talking about comments from a city councilor.

LINK “”not your same old guys with your tired ideas””

There have been comments emanating from city hall recently about maybe not enough people offering their names to serve on these committees.

A problem that some regions have is in fact “The Same Old, Same Old” which can lead to cronyism and a lack of perspective.   Some people I spoke with chose not to put their names forward because they felt that it would simply be the “Same Old Same Old” and that this was just a process of going through the motions.

I know I put my name forward for 5 committees.  It’ll be interesting if I’m chosen for any.   I’m tracking several other people who’ve shared with me that they too put their names forward for various committees as well.

Change for Change’s sake isn’t always good.  Growing and evolving is.   It will be interesting to see if it’s the “Same old” names selected to these committees here in Cornwall or if some “fresh blood” is added….

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  1. I would love to sit on a committee. However, this tight circle of people who will keep you out.
    They put out the perception that they want new blood, the reality is, new people could jeopardize their personal agenda and wealth. Until we change our voting habits at all levels, nothing will change.
    I must say, Jamie, you should be considered for at least one committee.

  2. As a lay-person here,working hard everyday to improve or reduce the current highest level of poverty ever in this area and hoping to make needed improvements or bring common sense to certain departments in this town, even after my poor showing in the recent no show of voters for change in our last municipal election this past fall, I submitted my name to sit down on two of our city boards that had openings. Today, I received a letter from the clerk saying that my name was rejected, as was expected, but will be held on file probably until 2 days past never. Again,Same Old- Same Old wins and they will always rule this city as a dictatorship and as I see the only possible growth for this city will be winning first prize in the highest level of Poverty in Ontario but we cannot blame Mr. McGuinty for that. I see now why nothing changes here or is ever going to change now that the old Dads Club of Liberals will sit around for the next 4 years and possibly longer smiling at the fact they dont ever have to worry about their jobs because most people outside their “club” don’t and won’t ever vote. It’s a Shame!!!

  3. Author

    Don’t feel that bad Gary. I applied for five committees, but even though one councilor stated in the media not enough people applied and at least 3 people I know of were given multiple positions I failed to draw the interest of the Glen Grant led team to fill the slots.

  4. who was named to these committees?

  5. Good Luck Jamie!!
    Who knows maybe we will cross paths as my name is on some committees as well.

    As for Change
    Change for the sake of Change is an abdication of responsibility

  6. Weren,t you on two committes jamie?What happened? didn,t you bailout when things weren,t going so well.

  7. Author

    I wasn’t on any city committee. I pulled out of two groups for very clear reasons which I’d do again. If you don’t stand for something; you don’t stand for anything.

  8. Please Jamie, Educate me on this matter.Whats the diffrence between a committe and a group?
    I feel either a committe of people or a group of people, work for one goal.Surely not everyone on either a committe or group will agree which way is the best direction.
    If you were giving the chance to be on a city appointed committe(Glen Grant led) would you just bailout if it wasn,t going in the direction you preferred.(you no Glen Grant reads the paper to)
    They are looking for team players (well i,m sure you no that)

  9. Author

    lol luckyred – good try buddyroo 🙂

  10. Yes luckyred, they are looking for team players to vote themselves a possible 38% raise is all.. just watch..

  11. Grimlot, I couldn,t agree with you more.Thats really my point, there seems to be a hidden agenda on everything that happens in this city.It seems a lot of people want to be on these so called city appointed committies.My question is why?

  12. That last election was the biggest sham of an election.. No change, and of course they have their new seats too.. wonder what else this council will get for themselves… fact is, enough committees, groups, etc.. all it does is add to administration and ultimately, gets NOTHING done most of the time, except to spend more taxpayer money..

  13. The answer is simple luckyred, some people want to be on those committee’s in order to bring change to the table. Unfortunately there are some who don’t want change and they have been appointed to those committee’s so don’t look for anything drastic to happen on that front. Same old, same old! You’d think that City Council would have appointed all of those who ran in the election to those committee’s, alas, but it wasn’t to be. Same old, same old!

  14. Author

    I can tell you as a home owner and citizen of this city if I feel like I can help make Cornwall a better place I’m willing to sit at any table in good faith. I think that’s the case for most people that end up on committees in general. There are sadly exceptions to the rule and when I personally run into those I pull back. It’s a lot less wear and tear.

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