Letter to the Editor – John A Milnes writes to Prime Minister Stephen Harper – December 11, 2010 – South Stormont Ontario

Dear Mr. Harper:

My wife and I are writing to express our dismay with the actions of our federal government in directing the Senate to vote down Bill C-216. This Bill would have provided many Canadians with a financial security blanket in their greatest hour of need.

That our Federal government can coldly ignore the plight of those people who have, over the years, paid in taxes to support this country is quite despicable. Canada has poured millions of dollars into a corrupt regime [Haiti], with many of its people largely suffering from cholera, yet ignores the dire need of its own citizens suffering from debilitating health conditions.

Bill C-216 would not have cost Canada, or its taxpayers, one cent for it was seeking to amend the bankruptcy laws so that employers were forced to care for those who had participated in disability programs operated by the companies that did employ them. The changes being sought in the House of Commons and the Senate would only have brought our deficient Canadian bankruptcy laws into line with those enacted in other nations throughout the world.

It is even more sad to see our federal government protecting senior management of Nortel, who profited by millions of dollars AFTER THE BANKRUPTCY at the same time denying help to those in desperate need.  It is our understanding that the Minister of Industry does have a ‘B’ Plan for these severely deprived Canadians and it is hoped you will share with us the details of this ‘B’ plan that we might have greater peace of mind in this coming festive season.

Might we remind you it is far more important that you show empathy for suffering Canadians since this has greater impact than does your song and dance act.

Yours in compassion,

John E. Milnes &  Janet M. Milnes  – South Stormont Ontario

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  1. What is there that could rouse lawmakers from their trough? What ever could make them lift their snouts and smell the rot around them?

    What need is there for an MP or a political party to step up and seize corporations by their “tenders”, and make them fulfil their obligations to employees?

    MP’s have a solid gold pension. It’s theirs for the taking after only 6 years of warming a seat in Ottawa. And it’s guaranteed by an employer that will print money to pay it out if necessary.

    And with the corporate lobbying positions that await them, or the plum patronage appointments… what would move a government MP to consider the working stiff?

    It’s little wonder that the first in line for bailouts were corporations and their fat boards. The working stiffs that were promised pensions and paid into them have been defrauded.

    That our parliamentarians permit this fraud, is proof plain… that they themselves are frauds.


    Helter Skelter Tory piggies
    Living piggy lives
    You can see them out for dinner
    With their piggy wives
    Clutching forks and knives to eat their bacon.

    (my apologies to The Beatles)

  2. John’s always been a great Conservative supporter – lol

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