Team Cornwall AGM at The Galaxy Theatre – Friday December 17, 2010 – VIDEO – Cornwall Ontario

Mayor Robert "Bob" Kilger of Cornwall Ontario

Cornwall ON – Team Cornwall is a great concept of an organization.   The concept is to have a team of businesses and individuals act as ambassadors and advocates for our city to help us grow and attract others here.

2010 was a great tipping point for Cornwall.   Some steps were taken that will impact how successful the city’s transition from dying Mill town to whatever it is to become in the future.

Marc Boileau Economic Head Leads Off


Mark Boileau had some successes to be proud of in 2010 along with Mayor Kilger and the city.   There still are some concerns as growth for a city can always be a challenge.

Cornwall has an unusual situation.   Huge tracts of Waterfront land are waiting to be developed and the location of the city shows its potential as it’s becoming a hub for the Logistics Industry.  Or as Mayor Kilger put it:

“If our city was on the TSX I’d be going out this morning and buying shares”

Mr. Boileau talks Residential Growth


What Cornwall faces like many other small towns or cities on the precipice of a growth spurt is how business is done.   Changes are starting to occur and many positive.     There still is a sense of  “the Old Boys” tightly clutching control of the city to their bosoms, but small patches of growth do occur.

Cornwall is a City of Many Possiblities.

Downtown Development


The Downtown core seems to be destined to be a place to eat and play.   The City Management seem to be focusing on the model created by the City of Kingston and there’s some good things to consider as Kingston’s done some things right.

Promo video spearheaded by Bob Peters of Economic Development


Peter Gault accepts $2500 Team Cornwall Award on behalf of  St.Lawrence College Fund


Like other city’s going through big changes there are some concerns.  Local business has to react to the challenges of the invasion of Big Box stores.   Capital projects like the Benson Centre, Water Sewage Treatment Plant, and of course upgrades to all those new industrial and retail lands put a strain on the city infrastructure.

As well how to retain and attract talent to Cornwall.   I can tell you as an Organically grown Media company  there are challenges to being a small business that could be assisted.    Allowing talent to blossom and survive is the best way to attract more talent especially for a region that’s eying a bigger pie of the tourism and arts industry.

Cornwall recently completed a Mapping exercise of the Arts and Cultural community in the area.

Strong growth, local growth, those are some of the challenges facing the City of Cornwall, Team Cornwall, and The Chamber of Commerce for 2011 and beyond.  It should be interesting and exciting to see this city blossom.

2010’s AGM, the 12th annual saw the location moved to Galaxy Cinemas, in a room about half the size of last year’s Aultsville Theatre.    The 250 or so in attendance had a treat and a glimpse of some of the opportunity to come.

I know I’m excited about our future here in Cornwall as we approach our 2nd Birthday in February.   It’s an amazing place to grow whether it’s your business, raising your family, or simply wanting a good place to spend your golden years.

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  1. Maybe a good idea, but what does the economic development group provide for a service if we now use volunteers?
    How much will it cost in expenses to pay for a portion of this new group to visit other cities to sell Cornwall and which operating budget will make the necessary cuts?

    Just the beginnig of some questions to come

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