Bell Fined over $1 Million Dollars by CRTC over No Call List Abuse – December 20, 2010 – Cornwall Ontario

Cornwall ON – Bell telemarketers 0 – Canadians 1.   The CRTC nailed Bell with a whopping $1 Million Dollar Plus penalty for not respecting the Do Not Call rules here in Canada.

Bell was also nailed for using automated calling to contact people on the do not contact list.

Over 250,000 complaints were received by the CRTC over a period of time.   Bell ceased the practice, but did not admit guilt and made a donation prior to the penalty to Concordia University.

Now if we can just get the CRTC or government to nail Bell for pulling funds out of people’s banks without permission and the myriad of other complaints against the giant telecom…..

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  1. guess what’s going up in 2011

  2. I never had many telemarketing calls UNTIL I added myself to the ‘Do Not Call List’ which was promptly sold to telemarketers.

  3. well CRTC is imposing a 1.3 million dollar fine against Bell for selling names on the do not call list.

  4. Author

    Smee where did you see Bell “selling” names? I saw that they were using names?

  5. the morning news in Toronto BT or breakfast television

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