Earth Matters by Jacqueline Milner – December 28, 2010 – Cornwall Ontario – Esperanza’s, German Shepherd’s Story of Hope

Cornall ON – As 2010 draws to a close, I wanted to share a story of love.  Our world needs more love.  We need to love and be loved. A life with love is fuller, cleaner, kinder, and more respectful.  If we could walk with love in our hearts imagine the obstacles we could surmount.  Imagine the obstacles I could surmount!  I know it is easier said than done sometimes, this is why I present to you the loving spirit of Esperanza.

Esperanza, which is Spanish for Hope, is a white German Sheppard mix who was found with a fractured femur after being hit by a car the beginning of December 2010.  A lady from a small animal rescue operation in Red Deer, “For the Love of Dogs” found the injured Esperanza on one of her trips to a local reserve to rescue a dog in distress.  On this one particular day she rescued the dog she intended to transport and additionally found the injured Esperanza. Luckily for Esperanza she happened upon a soul who loved animals and asked for help in the only way she knew how.  She parked her injured self next to the women and her car and would not budge.

Esperanza was found to be nursing 5 newborn pups and a cat Jacob (named by the Humane Society), 5 months old.  It is not known whether she began nursing Jacob before or after her own pups were born.  One thing is known for sure, not withstanding her own delicate situation she welcomed Jacob into her fold to do what she could to help.

‘For The Love of Dog’ transported the family of seven to the Edmonton Humane society where a local veterinarian has since operated on this loving dog’s leg.  Jacob was put in foster care to wean him off of his dog-mothers milk as this is apparently unhealthy for his constitution.

Jacob is brought back for regular visits as his dog family misses him and he misses them.  Once Esperanza is healthier and her puppies have found forever homes it is the Humane Societies hope to find a forever home for Esperanza and Jacob to share together.

Isn’t this an amazing story?  A chronicle about friendship, love, determination and family.  A story about asking for help when you need it.  A story to help us commit to memory that the most important things in life cannot be found under the Christmas tree or bought in a store.

Health, family and love are riches that lift us up, fill our hearts and put smiles on our faces.  May your coming New Year be filled with such wonderful treasures. I hear love is contagious…spread a little will you?

Esperanza won the designation of ‘Mother of the Year’ by the Edmonton Humane Society.

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