United States To Advance Police State in 2011: Rights Denied at Airports Will Spread into Communities by Kevin Parkinson – January 1, 2011 – Cornwall Ontario

Cornwall ON – The United States is using the strongest propaganda that it can muster, in order to get the population to submit to radical airport security measures.

During the last 12 months, the TSA in the U.S. has forced people using poisonous radiation, scanner machines, which have earned huge profits for members of the elite such as Michael Chertoff. This man used his position as Homeland Security Secretary to promote the use of the airport scanners, so that he could capitalize on the spending of millions of taxpayer dollars for his private gain when he left office.

There is no doubt that these scanners emit dangerous radiation, and are even more risky for children and pregnant women. But the Obama administration could care less. Staff who work close to these machines are also at risk of developing cancer after five years of continuous proximity to the scanners. If you doubt that, recall what your dentist does when taking an x-ray of your teeth. Firstly, he puts a metal apron over your vital organs to protect them, and he physically leaves the office while the x-ray is taken. I think the point is obvious; your dentist doesn’t want to be anywhere near the radiation.

The airport security plan is part of the overall goal to complete the last phases of the United States Police State, now on the verge of martial law.  Janet Napolitano, the latest Homeland Security Czar, promises that scanners and personal searches will now be launched in ‘soft’ locations such as shopping malls, train and bus stations. Security is being ramped up to treat every American as a potential terrorist, guilty until proven innocent and contrary to the United States Constitution.

As the country is teetering on an economic collapse, with 12 states including Florida and Arizona, predicted to go into bankruptcy in 2011, the forecast is clear for those with their eyes open. These events will force Americans into the streets to voice their dissatisfaction against the endless corruption of the federal government. The housing collapse has thrown millions out of their homes and on food stamps, as the banks have used every imaginable and devious strategy to increase their profits.

For example, the banks are buying up the municipal tax bills that are in arrears, and then foreclosing on the owners if they can’t pay exorbitant bank fees and charges. Municipalities, faced with drastically reduced tax bases, are conjuring up fictitious charges and surcharges to compensate for their dwindling tax base.

The federal government knows full well, that the fallout from the economic depression that the United States faces, can only be ‘handled’ by the jackboot of a Police State.  Instead of extending the tax breaks to the corporations and the elite as the Obama administration has just done, the White House should have spoken up for the people.  It’s all smoke and mirrors.

Obama should have terminated the tax cuts and introduced a modern “New Deal” economic program to offer a ray of hope for the poor and the working class people in the United States.

While Obama spends $1.5 million on a Christmas holiday in Hawaii with his family, it’s bread and water for the citizenry.

The airport security and the guerilla tactics being used are a huge smokescreen, a colossal hoax. There is no valid terrorist threat on the scale that the government is claiming. Remember also, that governments routinely ‘instigate’ situations that require a ‘solution.’ Law enforcement agencies have a history of bringing in ‘provocateurs’ to create incidents where they can come down with an iron fist. Most of these so-called terrorist threats are an  ‘inside job’ such as the well-known and exposed ‘9-11’.

If the government agencies including TSA were genuinely interested in thwarting bomb carrying terrorists, why would they not look at the example of many other countries, which use trained dogs to sniff out hundreds of drugs with almost no interruption of service, and no effect on the 99.9999% of innocent travelers?

No, instead of used tried and true less intrusive measures, the United States comes in with the cancer causing, profit making scanning machines and the TSA gropers, to put ALL citizens on the defensive and in their place.

Airport security is where Americans are being denied their constitutional rights, and a dangerous precedent is being set to remove those rights. Once the public accepts this treatment and degradation, the situation will only get uglier.

Do a search of “FEMA” camps on the Internet, and you will find that hundreds of internment camps have been established for many years, even before Dubya. This is where the protesting citizens, the activists and the poor will be sent if they defy the elite.

There are so many comparisons to be made of the United States in 2011 and to the rise of Germany in the 30’s.  They are unmistakable.

History repeats itself. Always.

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  1. My suggestion would be to stay the hell out of the USA –
    Think! Surely you must be able to blame this on George W. Bush, or even Mike Harris –

  2. And how about the rise of Harperite bullying in Canada?

  3. Mr Gunn is correct. As we all know, terrorists are incapable of adapting to new security measures, so this is a sure fix! Stop worrying about the job security forces are doing…they’re here to protect you, so trust them, and everything will be OK. If you don’t like it, stay home…this is a free country, and you’re free to stay home!!!!

  4. The U.S. may or may not be turning into a police state, but one sure thing is that the backscatter scanners — foisted on the TSA by Rapiscan lobbyist/former DHS secretary Michael Chertoff — are dangerous and, according to a number of experts, can be easily thwarted by anyone with a slab of foam latex and a can of FX-grade putty. Even a large pancake can disguise a handgun.
    Although such issues were intentionally not addressed for security reasons, the video posted below from After the Press (afterthepress.com) has broken through the major media hyperbole barrier to answer the real questions about what’s wrong with these machines. Neither of the interviewees, two of the most reputable scientists in the field of radiation physics and technology, will step into one. So whether or not you’re offended by the prospect of becoming the subject of a live peepshow for blue-gloved agents, or care about your rights being abrogated, you’ll still want to be cognizant of the danger in subjecting your or your children’s bodies to backscatter radiation.


  5. Following is the best example and description of the police state, which the US has become.

    During the past forty years, the US has forcibly separated more than fifty-million children from more than thirty-million fathers, mostly in response to divorce initiated by mothers. The fathers are forced under penalty of imprisonment to pay excessive orders for child support with which approximately one-half are or have been unable to comply. The child support orders typically exceed cost of raising a child by a multiple of three or four and what fathers should be paying by a multiple of six or eight, as the mothers should be expected to contribute something but don’t.

    Excessive orders are made by courts because states receive approximately one dollar of federal subsidies for every dollar transferred from fathers to mothers (in compliance with laws like TANF and VAWA, etc…). Approximately one-half of all children forcibly separated never see their fathers again. Most of the remaining are only allowed to see them a few days a month. A more draconian and oppressive and tyrannical regime cannot be imagined.

    Approximately two-million fathers have been jailed during the past forty years for inability to comply with the orders and approximately 250,000 have killed themselves in response to these developments against which they are helpless. Thomas Ball recently self-immolated on the steps of a courthouse in a small town in New Hampshire in response to the government’s excessive imposition on him, as it denied him access to his children and kept rotating him in and out of jail because he could not pay.

    The Bradley Amendment prevents any legal recourse, as it prevents downward modification of an order for any reason. Fathers are routinely denied access to their children because of false allegations of domestic violence and child abuse encouraged by states and the federal government under the Violence Against Women Act, which basically allows any woman (including mothers) to make false allegations against any man (including fathers) with impunity and with no burden of proof or due process. Basically, the government breaks fathers and then punishes them for being broken.

    Denial of children access to their parents is parental alienation, which is child abuse, and is facilitated on a vast scale by governments. Child support is CHILD TRAFFICKING and CHILD ABUSE and SLAVERY for fathers. It encourages mothers and governments to snatch children and hold them hostage for ransom in violation of the Constitution and civil rights of fathers. It imprisons fathers for being unable to pay the ransom. That is a fascist and oppressive and tyrannical police state if there ever was one.

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