35000 plus Velvet Swimming Crabs Die off English Coast – Climate Change Strikes Again – January 6, 2011 – Cornwall Ontario

Cornwall ON – This week we reported on large fish and bird populations that mysteriously died.

Now reports of a large amount of Velvet swimming crabs have been reported in England.   Over 35,000 of the crustacean’s have been washing up on beaches along with Starfish, Lobsters, and other ocean dwellers

Apparently rapid climate change is the villain.


The Thanet shoreline is littered with the crabs, along with dead starfish, lobsters, sponges and anemones.

We’ll be updating with stories of any more mass reports of species death.    You can email us at info@cornwallfreenews.com if you have any information regarding any of these situations.

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  1. Stanley Fulham had some real input on this. Many of his challenging statements turned out to be 100% correct so…He said there were going to be very particular environmental clues and shakeups that would trigger more concern over the environment. He was quite particular and it is worth checking the news about and around him to confirm. Sadly, Captain Fulham, 83, a native man from mid-Central Canada died last month, Dec. 23, 2010. He had unique information about the beginning of the year in Moscow, London and Washington. Project Bluebeam and Trojan Horses may be closer to the actual explanation. Either way – it’s too late to panic. Tune in, turn on, freak out. We should have listened to the hippies when we had the chance.

  2. I wonder if this has anything to do with the massive oil spill.. we don’t see much on top of the water, but what damage has it done to the seabed? especially following the currents of the ocean.

  3. Coincidentally, it is a fact that 4,700 German farms have been closed down in the past few days. The entire German, pork, milk and chicken industry has been tainted with 76 times more dioxin than acceptable. All of their feed was contaminated. That’s a pretty big thing. How long has that been going on? How did the German food supply get poisoned? Is this connected in some way to these other recent animal occurrences? Who checks our animal feed and are they on their top tippy toes? Are we spending more on cold war jets than Food Inspection?

  4. Author

    Elsie the next war won’t be fought with jets and bombs. It’s going to be fought with bio engineered disease and bugs. It’s much more effective and leaves the spoils of war for the victors.

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