City Council HD Video Recap for Monday January 10, 2011 – Cornwall Ontario

Cornwall ON – I don’t always get to report on some issues at city council here in Cornwall.  Time, urgency, sleep, and other distractions so I thought I’d share some of the video highlights from this week’s city council in Cornwall with you that didn’t get covered.

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Dr. Michael Cox on Attraction of Doctors to Cornwall.


I think some of our city councilors get it.  I think that if we build this health clinic doctors will come.   We already have a few clinics here in town; only one I’d sorta recommend, but wouldn’t it be nice if by the time Vanessa Carter graduates and is ready to practice here in Cornwall that there’d be a state of the art clinic ready for her to come to?   Do you think that if she was talking about that with some of her fellow medical students while going to school it would hurt the chances of attracting more physicians to Cornwall?

We’ve seen this year that we have to fight for all the services we want and deserve here in Cornwall and our region.  This consistent attempt by the LHIN to move services from Ottawa is truly unacceptable if we can have a city council willing to step up and help fight for services here we all should support them and let them know how we feel about it.

And if you want to see people move to Cornwall get the word out we have more medical services; especially paediatricians’s and watch what happens!

Mark Boileau talks about Jobs in Cornwall


Cornwall is growing and more companies are coming to town.  That’s good news for workers in the area and for people moving to the city.

Bernadette Clement tried again to get a multi purpose room going.


Councilor Denis Thibault put the kibosh on that.


I think councilor Clement knew the score as she took her last shot to pass the motion


…and then there’s councilor Glen Grant; great supporter of all things Benson Centre Connected


Our last clip talks about the giving of the Vending Concession for ten years to Brown Fine Foods of Kingston essentially for $500 per month with a possibility of a share of sales if they reach certain limits that they report on.


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