On Call by Vanessa Carter – New Year’s Resolutions! Sponsored by Pommier Jewellers – January 14, 2011 – Cornwall Ontario

On Call by Vanessa Carter – New Year’s Resolutions!   Sponsored by Pommier Jewellers – January 14, 2011 – Cornwall Ontario

Ottawa ON – Today is January 14th, 2011. Another year has gone by & a new New Year’s resolution is made. I am now back to school for my last semester of in-class courses!!! It is most definitely the home-stretch as I am really anxious & excited to get started in the clinical setting; although, I must I’ve been very lucky to have the opportunity to follow various physicians in various specialties in Cornwall & surrounding areas.

Incorporated in the medical curriculum of the University of Ottawa, is a week pertaining to obesity which took place the last week prior to the Christmas holidays.  Initially, many of my classmates & I  couldn’t imagine how this topic could be discussed for an ENTIRE week considering we had already touched upon it many times in precedent systems of the human body; nevertheless it was possible.
Personally, I have always considered obesity as a secondary disease; meaning that it is due to “something else” that is present in that individual. This “something else” which is referred as the primary cause can pertain to various factors such as: economical/social status, genetic make-up, depression, endocrine imbalance and the list goes on.
I have to admit, which I’m sure you’ve all noticed, is that I’m not the greatest writer/blogger by any means & I came to a point where I didn’t know where to go with this blog.
In brief, I simply want to address the fact that stereotypes & judgments regarding obesity will nevertheless entirely disappear; but with education regarding this matter will make many realize that the issue is often soooo much deeper than simply not exercising & over-eating unhealthy foods.
Yes, most definitely these are major factors that contribute to the end result; however in order to help avoid or fix the problem, positive attitudes & supportive friends and family (not to forget the medical staff) are always key components to the goal of a healthy lifestyle.
It’s a new year & it’s a great time for EVERYONE to make JUST ONE slight change toward a healthier lifestyle. Whether it is to go for a walk after dinner with your spouse, or eat 3 fruits/day or simply take a multi-vitamin every day. ANY CHANGE IS A CHANGE. So if you’re not ready for a drastic one; take a little step!…. Every step counts!…
Something great is going on in the town of Taylor B.C, Canada! They are currently battling their weight problem. It’s a great challenge & they are attempting to make it a national one! Check it out…
Well that’s all for this blog. I need to do something physically active before I hit the neurology books …YIKES…
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Vanessa Carter is a Medical Student from Cornwall Ontario.  She’s the first recipient of a grant from the City of Cornwall that will result in her coming back to Cornwall to practice Medicine after graduating!   Thanks to Pommier Jewellers for sponsoring this column!

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