Earth Matters by Jacqueline Milner – Looking for an Eco-friendly solution for those icy winter surfaces? – January 16, 2011 – Cornwall Ontario

Cornwall ON – I heard about this product some time ago (not sure from where) and I finally sourced the product locally after watching a rerun of ‘The Dragon’s Den’.

Ecotraction is a “all natural, high traction volcanic mineral” that can be used where one would have used sand or salt on a slippery surface.

The inventor of this product began his search for a safer alternative to salt for ‘outdoor slippery surface use’ when it was suggested by his veterinarian that the death of his dog might have been due to the unintentional ingestion of toxins present in ice melters such as salt and sand.  Sand and salt are the standard products used on our roadways and walkways during the winter season.  As all cat and dog owners know, these animals groom themselves by licking dirt and grime from their bodies and therefore are vulnerable to the substances collected on their bodies from the routes they walk on.  Certainly a good reason to use public off leash dog parks if they are available in your area.

Ecotraction (pictured above) claims to be “The Safest Natural Alternative to Toxic Ice Melters”.  The initial cost of this product is more expensive than salt or sand however if you consider the spread rates of each product, Ecotraction puts money back into your pocket.  Firstly the product is natural, safe to handle and safe to inadvertently ingest, should your children or animals ever do so. Ecotraction contains no salt.  This product does not melt the ice, it provides traction on the ice.  That being said it tracks less than sand and does not stain clothing etc., say good bye to salt stains on your foot wear or pant hems.

Many plants are very susceptible to salt, contact with it will kill them.  Ecotraction will not harm plant life in fact it benefits the plant material that it comes in contact with. This product nurtures your lawn and gardens as it provides slow release water and nutrient nutrition and can improve soil aeration.  Bonus side benefits!

This product claims to have 7 times the traction of sand and it is effective to -50% C.  The instructions indicate to remove the excess snow and slush from the surface than to spread the granules evenly and lightly over the surface. It is indicated that one cup full can cover an entire parking lot. ( based on 144 square feet, a 12’ x 12’ lot) At spring clean-up time the granules can be swept onto the lawn or flowerbeds or collected for reuse.  That’s right folk…..reuse.  A 10 kg bag of Ecotraction will cover about 3 times the area of a 10 kg bag of sand and about 6 times the area of a 10 kg bag of Ice Melter.

The only drawback I see with this eco-friendly product is the fact that it is packaged in un-ecofriendly plastic.

Visit to find out more about this product, where it can be purchased locally (nine locations) and how it can benefit your winter maintenance, gardening routines and your bottom line.  While your visiting, why not drop the suggestion of incorporating eco-friendly packaging with their eco product.  Your comments are encouraged and welcome below or to

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