The Wet Job of Murder, Water, Politics – special to The Cornwall Free News by Roy Berger – January 17, 2011 – Cornwall Ontario

Cornwall ON – Politics, security and murder have a long relationship. Rivers of intrigue fill the human story. Water is the stuff of life. This story is about water and health.

Water War Crimes is a site run by John Carten.  He has gathered together a trove of information asserting that eighteen of Canada’s civil servants have been recently murdered. Their deaths seemingly linked by a pair of conflicts linked to Western Canada Water Enterprises, Sun Belt Water, Maximus Inc. and Themis Program Management. John Carten granted an interview with me last night for Cornwall Free News.

Mr. Carten, of the Water War Crimes site, sees 18 filled body bags which he feels are strongly related to issues revolving around water exports and medical costs. He lists them as follows: 1. Deputy Minister of Justice John Tait – 1999. 2. Justice James Taylor – 2006. 3. Judge Sid Clark – 2007. 4. Justice Robert Edwards – 2007. 5. Chief Justice Antonio Lamer – 2007. 6. Chief Justice Alan McEachem – 2008. 7. Justice Ralph Hutchinson – 2008. 9. Chief Judge Hugh Stansfield – 2009. ( Jim Judd appointed Director of CSIS announced retirement – April 2009.) 10. Justice David Vickers – 2009. 11. Justice John Bouck – 2010. 12 Jack Ebbers , civil servant – 2010. 13. Glen Shortliffe, 1988-1992 Privy Council – 2010. 14. Mario Lague, 1998-2003 Privy Council, advisor to Ignatieff – 2010. 15. Senator Norm Aitkins – 2010. 16. Maurice Foster – 2010. 17. Jack Hooper, retired associate Director of CSIS – 2010. 18. David Lam, retired Lt. Governor of BC – 2010.

“Hard to say if it’s related or not but yet another coincidence is the death, last week of Michel Gratton in Ottawa.” Gratton, 58 was the author of Spy World, published in 1994. The book was about the relationship between the US and Canadian spy establishment. “ I think Richard Fadden is right on the money about agents of influence. I don’t think he’s been tainted by any of this. What was Campbell doing at the Bilderburger conference and not reporting to the tax payers about it? Jack Hooper of CSIS was murdered about then.” John Carten continued.

Carten is not alone. Andrew MacLeod of TheTyee illustrates the British Columbian payments to Maximus. Maximus owns Themis, which is to manage the family maintenance enforcement program in B.C. Collection and enforcement of child support obligations including foster care and placement of children is part of this.

If we follow the money Maximus had contracted with B.C. Then under Premier Gordon Campbell in 2004 to provide medical services among others for $32 million per annum. In 2006 it was $28.8 million, 2007 $33.8 million, 2008 $42.1 million and in 2009 $51.2 million. NDP Health Critic David Cubberley called it ‘Circus Maximus, service Minimus.’ Mr. Cubberley’s views appear as valid as Federal Court Action T-95-08 ability to sit on a desk.

John Carten said he was told by the Law Society of British Columbia that, “I would not be readmitted to the Law Society unless I had a psychiatric examination. My family doctor warned me of how dangerous it was to be singled out. That it was something Stalin’s psychiatrists use to engage in. It’s unheard of to demand a psychiatric evaluation prior to admission to the bar.”

Where are we coming from? The Great Lakes Commission, the Great Lakes Basin Compact, the International Joint Commission, the N.A.W.A.P.A. – North American Water and Power Alliance. Western Canada Water Enterprise Ltd was set up to export water in bulk from British Columbia to thirsty states in the US. Sun Belt Water Inc in California filed a $16 billion dollar lawsuit in 1999 against the Federal and B.C. Government for ruling against Sun Belt perhaps contrary to the NAFTA agreement. NAFTA was at one time being held up as a bad contract by Shelley Ann Clarke. Axiomatica has many details outlining their bulk water export business, law suits and current alternatives with a Santa Barbara desalinization plant.

“Right after the Olympics in Vancouver the UN said there should be a moratorium on projects in the Rocky Mountain Trench.” said John.

The disputed export water is supposed to come from snow fields, glaciers and fresh water tributaries leading to the ocean.

Why would people kill each other over this? Canada has never denied the world its resources and always at the cheapest possible price. We’re deal makers, who would be on the ‘other’ side? What is the other option, war with the US? Why would someone oppose a deal and give their life? What could the US possibly do if its population needed something that was readily available right next door? Would they let the people starve? How can something as simple as ensuring survival for people, for our friends and neighbours, the home of Bob Dylan and so many artists we love, deteriorate into murder and cover-ups? How come people are so confused they can’t work to put something so basic together?

Who would own the Canadian water rights? Who would export it? Who would get the profits? Perhaps today Sun Tsu would write, The Art of Turning on The Tap.


Roy Berger lives in the legendary artist’s colony of Cornwall Ontario where the palm trees bloom in the winter and a cool breeze blows in the summer.

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  1. The number of deaths of people who are linked to the Water War Crimes is truly astonishing.

    With the exception of Depurty Minister of Justice, John Tait, who died in after a brief illness 1999, all of the deaths referred to on our web site have taken place since January 2006 when we began to publicize these matters.

    The death toll took a big bounce up, with four more dead, between November 2007 through to March 2008 when we launched two lawsuits exposing the crimes.

    Then, a dramatic inceease took place after the Water War Crimes web site was established in Junem 2009, with, at least, ten more deaths since that date.

    It is difficult to estimate whether the deceased were murdered but the number of deaths of individuals, all of whom were linked in one way or another to major lawsuit is a statistically impossible co-incidence that strongly suggests an underlying casual relationship.

    The reader can make their own judgment but there is no doubt that water exports were and remain a sensitive national issue.

  2. UPDATE to post on January 17, 2011.

    Since January 2011 there have been an additional six (6) death of people involved in the Water War Crimes. Two of the dead were older, i.e. in their eighties, while the remainder were in their fifties or early sixties.

    The interested reader is encouraged to visit the web site to review the details and in particular the page entitled the Graveyard of the Guilty—twenty-four-insider-witnesses–defendants-suddenly-die.html

    In our opinion, this is no co-incidence. All of the recent dead possessed secrets that could put some individuals in jail for a long time.

    The reader should also question the appointment of BC Premier Gordon Campbell has High Commissioner to London by Prime Minister Harper. Campbell and Harper have done their best to coverup these crimes and protect the guilty many of whom were invested in the water swindle hrough offsores accounts located in London England.

  3. good work and interesting site, compares with “what really happened”……

  4. Very disturbing, Roy. Scott Turow, where are you?

  5. Justice Carolyn Layden Stevenson, the Federal Court of Appeal justice who imposed the order that prevented Ms. Gibbs and I from continuing our appeal of the decision of Justice Joanne Gauthier suddenly died on June 27, 2012.

    The media has not reported the cause of death which suggests a police investigation is underway because, as you know, it is standard police procedure to withhold the details of the circumstances of the death when foul play is suspected.

    Justice Carolyn Layden Stevenson is the 12th judge to have died shortly after her alleged malfeasance in office was exposed online and circulated in high government office. There is good reason to believe that she was murdered in order to protect the wicked. 12 sudden deaths of 12 judges all of whom made allegedly perverse decisions related to the same matter is, surely, beyond the realm of co-incidence. This issue is more fully explained online at:

    We have also noted that Prime Minister Harper has moved to clean out the upper levels of the Department of Justice by the removal of Associate Deputy Minister Yves Cote on or about June 15, 2012, and by the appointment of two new associate Deputy Ministers immediately after the death of Justice Carolyn Layden Stevenson.

    Murder is murder.

    Murder is among the most serious crimes set out in the Criminal Code of Canada. The murder of a judge is an extremely serious and dangerous precedent.

    If you have evidence that assists to ideitify the murderer(s) of Justice Carolyn Layden Stevenson we strongly urge you to document that evidence under affidavit, make multiple copies and provide a copy to RCMP Commissioner Paulson who is aware of these issues. Y

    You should also keep back up copies of your evidence in multiple locations because the RCMP are not completely innocent in these issues and they have the capacity to silence you also.

    Naturally, we would appreciate receiving copies of that evidence which you can send to us at our email address

    Thank you.

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