Nominate the Business or Service you Feel Truly Supports Your Local Economy! – Winners get Free Banner Advertising! – January 20, 2011 – Cornwall Ontario

Cornwall ON – So there’s been a lot of talk in Cornwall and all over about Shopping and Spending at home and helping keep our local economies alive and well.

We here at The Cornwall Free News agree and have done our best to support local businesses and services.

We decided to sponsor a contest to honor those local businesses that you, our amazing view single out for great service and worthy of glory!   This contest is open to our viewers from any city.   Local is where you’re sitting when you read this!

You have to email the business or service you nominate as showing the true spirit of supporting not only local business, but our community.     I will start off the event by nominating André Pommier of Pommier Jewellers here in Cornwall Ontario.

Not only have they shown great community support, but they also support local business themselves and with great spirit.   Pommier Jewellers truly are the endearment of what Buy Local, Spend Local, Advertise locally stand for.

To nominate a business or service you can simply email us at or post below.  You must state your name and city for that person to be officially nominated.   Once nominated we will add them to our future poll and the winners chosen will get an Extra Large Banner on The Cornwall Free News proclaiming them as true individuals of local trade, service, or custom!

The Poll Starts on February 16, 2011 – We will keep adding names until it starts!

Nominate the Business or Service that Best Supports the Buy Local, Spend Local Concept and their Community. Contest Opens February 15, 2011 - Email us at to nominate your fa

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  1. You have already nominated Andre, so I will add Chris Munroe of “Life’s Little Pleasures”, Sue and Kayla from “The Grind” and Kevin and Leslie from “Kids Korner” to the list. These retailers, over the years I have lived in Cornwall, have gone above and beyond for their customers and for supporting their “street”. “The Grind” gets a nod for supporting the local artistic community as well – a wonderful new addition to the neighbourhood.

    It is hard for me to nominate just one business…I shop in the city for a reason, and these guys play a huge part in the appeal of downtown core. Always a smile and something positive to share:).

  2. Author

    Hi Angela, all are great picks, but you only get to nominate one. 🙂 You also have to post what city you’re in. You have to be a Cornwall resident for example to nominate a Cornwall business.

  3. so by extension, being a long sault resident, i can only nominate a long sault business?
    this is getting tricky.

  4. Author

    Hi Angela, the contest is all about supporting local businesses. Surely there’s at least one in Long Sault that you support enough to nominate? 🙂

  5. Thank you so much Angela…great initiative, but am confused that Long Sault would not be considered local…as so much of our customer base is mainly from the outer areas…I live in Williamstown,yet spend in Cornwall…where is there to shop in Williamstown…really? These residents reside there but work, spend & donate their money here!

  6. If you want to split hairs here…..Angela & her family, Andre Pommier & his, my own, Colleen from Echo Trends all live outside city limits yet have businesses in this community… we have invested in,care about,promote & support our community….no doubt when a loaf of bread is needed I’ll head out to our village grocer, but our businesses depend on these communities & ,in my mind anyway,do consider them local supporters as well….

  7. Author

    Hi Chris and Everyone,

    To clarify the contest is about giving due to local businesses, just not in Cornwall. So if you live in Cornwall you can nominate a business in Cornwall. If you live in Moose Creek then you can nominate a business in Moose Creek. We want to celebrate local businesses and what better way than those that live in the same city nominating and voting for them?

    So Chris which business do you nominate? 🙂

  8. We don’t live in any village…we are out on a country road.., so Cornwall is where we do ALL of our shopping & dining. Even though it won’t count….Gary & Nicole Easton of Footmed are not only huge supporters of our local retailers & restaurants but they also give of their time for local causes & fundraising initiatives. At least this is an opportunity to acknowledge those businesses & the individuals that are pivotal to Cornwall’s prosperity & ecomomic health 🙂

  9. Author

    Well Chris you’ve made an interesting point. I agree with you. Each person will be able to nominate one business or service regardless of where they reside. So your choice is? 🙂

  10. If I can,I’d like to nominate Footmed then 🙂

  11. Author

    Done, and Angela can make her choice too.

  12. thank you & I do appreciate your efforts for wanting to acknowledge our local ambassadors

  13. Author

    Thanks Chris and spread the word. I hope we have at least 100 nominations by the contest opening. Remember folks you have to post your name, what city you’re in and which company you wish to nominate. (you can only nominate one)

  14. Hi, my name is Angela and I live in Long Sault and I nominate Life’s Little Pleasures:).

  15. If I am allowed to choose a business or service outside of the legally named area where I reside…it would be The Cornwall Public Library.

  16. I nominate Joey’s Only restaurant because of their fish, reasonable prices and very friendly service. I go there once a week.

  17. Author

    Just a reminder to everyone for the nominations; you must post your name and city for the nomination to count as we don’t want fake nominations 🙂

  18. I dismiss Startek but give kudos to it’s employees

  19. I’d like to nominate Island Ink-Jet & Laser Toners along with their Internet Cafe on the same premises. These folks have been really A1 with all of their customers and they really treat you like people and are dog friendly. They sell and refill ink-jet cartridges and laser toners, they repair computers and printers for almost peanuts, their internet machines are fast on high-speed, their coffee is delicious (the best I’ve ever tasted), they sell coffee beans too. They open at 7AM Monday thru Saturday.

  20. Author

    Thanks Tom and a reminder to everyone that nominations end February 16th. All you have to do to vote for your favorite local store or service is post your name, what city you’re in and their name!

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