Markus Noé is back with his 28 Story in 30 Day Challenge – Day One – Harper Celebrates Five Years in Power

Cornwall ON – Markus Noé came to me after graduating from St. Lawrence College’s Journalism program.    I decided to work with him as an intern and he showed quite a bit of talent.

After his internship he went off to Ottawa where he’s currently based and has been busy.  We recently touched base and talked about the business of writing and what it takes to make it as a professional journalist of any type today.

My feelings is that you have to be consistently productive.  Not every piece has to win a Pulitzer winner, but to effective you have to put out work.   After more chatting we decided to put Markus to the challenge, and to my surprise and probably to his own he accepted.

Mr. Noé has to write us 28 articles in 30 days with a minimum of one per day rolling out each weekday.     Please comment as we both want to see how the public responds to his work!

With that said here’s is Markus’ first piece in the challenge where he shows some of his political colours 😉

Harper Celebrates Five Years in Power: “We’ve been faithful, we’ve kept their trust and we’ve delivered.”
After being on the outside looking in for the better part of two decades, the Conservatives found the issue they needed to unseat the Liberals.  Harper was unrelenting with his attacks on the Liberals over the sponsorship scandal which gained him the attention and the trust he needed by Canadians.
These attack ads have not been his only success as Prime Minister, even though these ads have essentially crippled the influence of three Liberal leaders.  He was given a thumbs up for his policies that have seen Canadians through the recession by Canada’s Auditor General. This forces even the toughest Conservative critics to acknowledge his enormous feat.
As the entire world continues to struggle from the recession that hit in late 2007, Canadians continue to chug along. Take into account our neighbours to the south for a moment. Their suffering from a substantial 10% employment rate and a housing crash that has seen half the population of Detroit disappear within the last four years.
Canadians originally avoided this nightmare because of the Liberals decision back in the 90s not to give our banks the same freedoms that the Americans enjoyed.  However it was the actions of Harper with his stimulus plan and his budget cuts, which has allowed Canadians to continue on virtually unaffected by one of the biggest recessions in history.
Stephen Harper is a goal oriented man who has an incredible stubbornness and unwillingness to work with the other parties.  At this point and time who can blame him for these qualities, because so far he has been right in most of his decisions and Canadians have been the better for it. It is these qualities that have made him such and affective Prime Minister during his first two terms.
Harper will most likely call an election this spring and seek his elusive majority government; the question is will his aggressive tactics continue to work? The recession will not be a front and center issue as it was during the last election.  The major issue for this election could very well be his controversial “tough on crime” policies. These policies has seen more and more people being convicted of crimes and imprisoned, which has rapidly increased our prison population.
No matter what the key issue of this election will be, we know by now that the Conservatives will fight it tooth and nail. However will this be the election that the other parties finally match their intensity?
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  1. In a recent story on CBC they pointed out that attack adds were created in the early 1930’s on radio by non other than the Conservative Party of Canada. They have never really been that effective until this past decade when the Liberals showed weakness in their party and choice of leaders. The conservatives attacked like jackals on a wounded gnu.

    Good stuff Marcus. Keep it up.

  2. I’m glad that you’re writing like this again! I missed reading your articles.
    Keep up the great work Markus 🙂

  3. Wow, a rosy view indeed!

    As though attack adds are the way to go for good government; as though “Harper’s actions” have had nothing to do with loading Canadians with a monumental deficit; as though Harper’s “incredible stubborness and unwillingness to work with other parties” have been a tonic for Canadian democracy; not mention Harper’s incredible efforts for climate change; in short, as though Harper is a model PM.

    Excellent, Markus. Rapid promotion may be just around the corner.

  4. A difference with these “attack” ads is that the Conservatives are presenting was has been said, and the Liberals were saying what could happen, you know, soldiers with guns on our streets.
    Althought some parts of Toronto may want that!

    Not sure if more people are being convicted, but it is nice to get rid of 2 for 1 and even 3 for 1 credits for time served. Might stop a bit of Lawyer jockey manuevers too.

  5. Remember Stockwell Day? He’s the guy who used to be the leader of the party after Preston Manning. I think he’s a cab-min in charge of public safety, or something like that. Stock is not allowed to be near a microphone unless he’s reading a PMO script, so nobody knows what he really thinks or is doing. Any high-level civil servant, appointed “watchdog” or Conservative MP who is crazy enough to disagree with the King will be publicly ridiculed and fired. Do most Canadians want this “one man rule” type of government? I sure don’t.

  6. Thats your choice Furtz. Other people have their choice too and the majority are saying “the King”.

  7. Stockwell Day has been president of the tresuary board for over a year, he is not even an MP for this area, so I do not need to hear much from him. A problem though that he has strong christian values and we have become a nation of christian haters. To that I say, Merry Christmas!

    As far as having a leader Furtz who is a one man rule, have you ever tried to change anything in a committee without clear direction? Few want to take on responsibilty and how else can you direct hundreds of thousands of employee without a common voice and goal? Not hearing much from anyone but Ignatieff right now on the liberal side….

  8. Furtz, you talk about Stephen Harper and his “one man rule” type of government. Please remember how Jean Chretien ran his MP’s with an iron fist, much worse than what we have now! And worst of all was the “entitled to their entitlements” attitude of the Federal Liberals.

  9. Sorry young man. How about having Mr. Noe write about something total new.Seems every journalist writes about the same news.Great writing all though,but please something total new please.

  10. Harry, when did 37.65% become greater than 50%?

    Stan, it’s strange (or maybe not) that whenever anything critical of Harper is posted, his supporters bring up Chretien. I was never a supporter or fan of “Da Gripper”, and what the hell does he have to do with Harper?

  11. Agreed with Furtz.. This is government we have now, not government of the past… or what past governments did.. or pointing fingers at others and then using that as an excuse to do what one is doing..

  12. Great to see your name on the interwebs again, Markus.
    (side note) I prefer reading your billiard articles over your political opinions!

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