The Circle of Life and The First Moments – Editorial by Jamie Gilcig

Cornwall ON – Living in the North East I can understand why so many people die in February compared say to…April.   Life is a gauntlet.

I’m 46 as I write this.  How many of my friends are no longer here?  How many of yours?   I have a few much older friends and snippets of conversations ring so loudly sometimes about reading to the obits and knowing the people in them more often than not or dark humour about glad to not be reading their own names.

With many of us working harder than ever time seems to whiz by faster rather than slower.  This Saturday we had to take our aging Princess.  Miss Tiger Lily is going to be 14 very soon and she’s definately a Senior having to take medications; losing her sight and hearing.   I have to admit it’s sad realizing that our loved one is not going to be with us for much longer.

While waiting for the best Vet I’ve ever met and a wonderful human being, Ms Debbie Nash I got to thinking about this whole life cycle thing.

Dr. Debbie as we call the esteemed Dr. Nash apologized.  She’d had to do an emergency C section on a Great Dane.  Yes that little bundle at the top of the story is a newborn to one of the largest Dog breed  on the planet.   The Cycle of Life continues.   The mother was fine and already nursing.

Lily was fine.  We did blood work and our girl needs a bit more potassium.   She sleeps more; she’s a bit more needy.

Our other Basenji growls at her more, but she’s still our Lily.

It’s cold out, but the Sun is shining and a new day brings new challenges, death, birth, life; as Woody Allen once said:

Ah Life, the misery, the suffering, I’ll miss it so…

Today my little family is intact and all well.  I hope yours is too.   And I hope we all can remember to take a moment now and again and appreciate how lucky we all truly are.

Jamie Gilcig – Editor – The Cornwall Free News

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