Cornwall Ontario City Councilor Denis Carr Defends Out of Town User Fees and Usage of The Progress Fund – January 27, 2011

Cornwall ON – Everyone wants their favorite service.  Pools, Hockey Rinks, Arts and Culture, no parking meters, wider streets; it never ends and it usually ends up coming to votes in city council.

This week Councilor Denis Carr took some heat for supporting out of city users of facilities paying more for services than residents.

It’s been pointed out that many in city management live outside of Cornwall.  They find tax relief in neighboring Glen Walter, or Long Sault, Ingleside or some of the other neighboring regions that are bursting with growth as Cornwall itself goes through a rapid transition and growth period.

I had a chance to ask Councilor Carr about his position on Wednesday and here is the video.  We also chatted about the crazed notions of some councilors of using the capital of the $25 M Progress Fund.


What do you think Cornwall residents and our neighbors?  You can post your comments below.

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