In the Face of Spite, Ego, Insecurity, Jealousy, and Greed – An Editorial by Jamie Gilcig – January 28, 2011 – Cornwall Ontario

Cornwall ON – I get asked about how I started The Cornwall Free News and why many times each month.   It’s a funny story, but there were some basic needs I realized a few years back.  One was that as markets splintered it became more important for clients to be able to promote and market their services or wares more efficiently and cost effectively, but the second was that there was limited opportunities in my area, and as I’ve discovered others to share a media platform.

I personally applied to work the majors here in Cornwall with no luck before I started the Cornwall Free News.  I had a few stories published in the Seaway News, but its manager would omit story and photo credits, never mind actually have a format where I could be paid for my content.

One of the platforms of our mission statement has always been to have a place where diverse and interesting facets of  our world could share their viewpoints.   While I may have my own personal beliefs politically and personally nobody would be excluded except where it came to legal liability or simply excessive poor taste.

In our first two years it’s been an interesting and eye opening experience into human nature.   While quite a few people have enjoyed the benefits of our platform and traffic there have been others who instead of embracing invitations to work together and build something stronger have decided to ” do their own thing” sometimes simply for egotistical or personal reasons; sometimes out of naievity, and sometimes for the strangest of reasons.

Our traffic shows that our model seems to work while not a single one of these new sites have gained any local traction.

Recently a former employee(one I was paying $45 per hour to)  started just such a “competing” site.  It was sad to see; especially since they seemed to be using some of the elements of what’s made our newspaper so successful.   It’s a free world.  People can choose their paths, but was I so truly wrong about people working together?

Today is another day full of challenges.  We have a new Intern from the St. Lawrence College Journalism program that gives fresh hope and a new fresh voice.  A lot of things are happening here as we are about to celebrate our 2nd birthday.

I tend to get burnt by thinking the best of many people; that people will do “the right thing” in a given situation or make the right moral decisions.

Sadly it looks like the world doesn’t work that way often enough.

I was taught when facing adversity to just put my head down and work harder.   Nothing’s going to change that now; or ever.

Thanks to you our loyal viewers.   Keep reading The Cornwall Free News and please thank our amazing sponsors if you have the chance.

Jamie Gilcig – Editor – The Cornwall Free News &

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  1. Jamie — it’s time to change that pic and put one up that does you justice! Damn – it looks like something out of the days of Capone.

  2. and by the way — keep on keeping on – perseverance will pay off.

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  4. And what was wrong with Capone?

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