$650K for a Vase you say? Conservative Harper Government Buy Rare Canadian Pigeon Vase – January 29, 2011 – Cornwall Ontario

Cornwall ON – That’s one pretty vase.  No cheap grocery store flowers for this baby!

Probably no flowers at all as it will be on display in a Canadian museum thanks to the largess of the Harper Government or minister Rob Moore in particular.

The government sets aside funds to make sure items of um…artistic distinction make their home in Canada.

I hope our government here in Cornwall is not watching as they are on an Arts and Culture roll and I’d hate to see what they bring home from auction.

SD&SG Federal Liberal nominee and Cornwall Ontario city councilor Ms Bernadette Clement commented on the purchase.

Conservatives spend $650,000 for a vase! Given the deficit, student unemployment and poor economic indicators they should start showing restraint!

I can’t argue with her on that one really.   Hope this doesn’t somehow turn into an attack ad showing Michael Ignatieff hating the arts!

What do you think Canada?  Do you think this was a good purchase for Canada?  You can vote in our poll.

Was the $650,000 Vase Purchased by the Harper Government a good idea?

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  1. Anyone remember “The Voice of Fire”? lol..

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