Letter to the Editor – Tammy A Hart on Freedom – January 29, 2011

Newington ON – In the last month alone Canadians have seen a catastrophic break down in our democracy.  Just lately with the announcement of some schools in the USA wanting to ban the book Huckleberry Finn by Mark Twain because of the ‘n’ word.
The CBSC for banning the song “Money For Nothing” because of an anti-gay slur.  In Ottawa this past week the Library and Archives of Canada cancelled the film called “Iranium” and speaker Clare Lopez, an expert on Islam and Iran because of complaints from the Iranian Embassy.
I guess I’m suppose to take comfort in the fact that the CRTC has asked the CBSC to reconsider their stance on banning the Dire Straits song on radio.
Frankly, I don’t give a damn.   I’m worried about the big picture.  I’m more worried about the numbness of our society and the wasted efforts of our soldiers, and I’m very worried that history is going to repeat itself and that we’ll ALL be asleep at the helm.

Tammy A. Hart

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  1. Tammy,

    The screening was ordered to happen again by Canada’s Heritage Minister James Moore.
    So did you intentionally misrepresent the truth or were you negligent in your research before making a public statement? Either way it isn’t good for an elected official.
    That’s right, because you were elected as a Deputy Mayor, your actions and words reflect on South Stormont.
    Perhaps this is the Conservative in you coming through. Twisting the truth and not knowing the facts.

  2. Not sure what banning or changing the “n” word in the book Huckleberry Finn in some American schools has to do with Canadian democracy. Lots of schools in the good ol’ USA have banned the teaching of Charles Darwin’s evolution theory too. What does this have to do with us? Nothing.
    The screening of the film “Iranium” was rescheduled because of a perceived threat from some nut-bar. It was a last minute decision based on a public safety concern.
    The CBSC is a private body that is a creation of private broadcasters. It has no legal authority to ban anything. A few radio stations flipped them the bird, and had Money For Nothing marathons shortly after the “ban”. The CBSC was a joke, and is even a bigger joke now. If the CRTC starts banning certain songs, we would have something to worry about.

  3. It’s just part of it all Furtz, There is not much freedom left in Canada. I know what she means! Canadians do not care anymore. They do not even know what is going on in the news. These bannings are just a small example of other things going on.
    For example Bill C-36, now it is ok to raid your home without a warrant, CORRECT! No one pays attention. Oh, I am sure they will not do it in the near future but the law is there for when they decide its necessary (Section 8 of bill C-36). Canada is not what you think it is or it was for a long time because government knows they can get away with anything cause Canadians do not pay attention. I am waiting for the big Obama/Harper announcement soon.

  4. I agree completely with you Diane regarding C-36, and the granting of federal/provincial/ local authorities the power to enter private homes and properties with no notice or judicial warrant, for whatever reason. We have indeed entered into a sad situation that is awfully close to a “police state”. However, the “banning” of a certain song by a toothless outfit like the CBSC’, or the changing of a word in Huckleberry Finn in some American schools is pretty small potatoes compared to home invasions by Health Canada, Revenue Canada, or local bylaw enforcers etc. I see where Tammy is coming from, but there are far more serious threats to our “freedoms and rights” than she wrote about. I’m not sure, but I think if Tammy was to address these bigger issues, she’d be shunned by the Harper regime pretty fast.

  5. Sure Furtz, there are more serious issues. However, If you put a pebble in the pond every day, eventually the pond will be gone.

    We should not befrightened to talk honestly about any issue. Our ancestors deserve that much!

    Johny Bisc, she signed this with her name not mentioning her role for the community, I do not see an issue with that. I also do not see how she misrepresented the truth. It is hardly an in depth article covering the complete story.

  6. Eric, The pond is almost filled with boulders now. It’s much safer to complain about the pebbles than the boulders if one has political ambitions within the current federal ruling party. I actually don’t see how the “banning” of a song from some private radio stations, or the changing of a word in a book at some American schools, or the rescheduling of a movie can even be considered pebbles.

  7. Author

    I agree Eric. Ms Hart is refreshing in that she gives you her real feelings about issues; something very few politicians do which is why I give her lots of credit and respect even if I don’t always agree with some of her points.

    On the music one I agree 100%. Senseless Censorship is just plain wrong.

  8. Unfortunatly, most Canadians only want to complain about a few things that effect their lives, gas and food prices for example. Others could add to the list of larger items where discussions are needed, costly items like bilingulism, multiculturism, immigration/refugee and even the cross border issues affecting the 1 billion dollar a day trade between Canada & US..

    Each of these items and others deserve our attention.

  9. Freedom is when you have nothing left. Fuddle duddle. Who is on the no fly list now? Welcome to the zip-lock curtain.

  10. Hey Jamie, There are thousands of songs you’ll never hear on the radio because they are just too offensive to some listeners. Radio stations pretty much self censor for business reasons. As I said before the CBSC has no legal authority to ban anything. Ever hear of MacLean and MacLean? I actually knew these guys quite well when I lived in Winnipeg in the seventies. Here’s one of their songs that you never heard on the radio.

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