Letter to the Editor – Tammy A Hart on Freedom – January 29, 2011

Newington ON – In the last month alone Canadians have seen a catastrophic break down in our democracy.  Just lately with the announcement of some schools in the USA wanting to ban the book Huckleberry Finn by Mark Twain because of the ‘n’ word.
The CBSC for banning the song “Money For Nothing” because of an anti-gay slur.  In Ottawa this past week the Library and Archives of Canada cancelled the film called “Iranium” and speaker Clare Lopez, an expert on Islam and Iran because of complaints from the Iranian Embassy.
I guess I’m suppose to take comfort in the fact that the CRTC has asked the CBSC to reconsider their stance on banning the Dire Straits song on radio.
Frankly, I don’t give a damn.   I’m worried about the big picture.  I’m more worried about the numbness of our society and the wasted efforts of our soldiers, and I’m very worried that history is going to repeat itself and that we’ll ALL be asleep at the helm.

Tammy A. Hart

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