Earth Matters by Jacqueline Milner – International Year of the Forests – February 6, 2011 – Cornwall Ontario

Cornwall ON – For those of you wanting to undertake a special project to commemorate the International Year of Forests keep in mind TD Friends of the Environment for a source of funding.
TD Friends of the Environment Foundation helps Canadians protect our nation’s natural splendor by providing monies for Canadian not-for-profit organizations, also Schools, municipalities and First Nations groups.   They are ready and willing to collaborate with community projects which assist to maintain and revitalize our community’s natural majesty.

If you have a project that preserves the Canadian environment, assists students in understanding or participating in Environmental activities or studies, the TD FEF can be of invaluable assistance.  Perhaps you have been thinking about a revitalization project for a park, school yard or plaza?  Think about planting some buffer zones along waterfront and hedgerows.  How about restoring areas to provide safe travel zones for wildlife and erosion control?  Think about providing or refurbishing an area near waterfront suitable for our snapping turtles; a species at risk to nest.  Doing this can perhaps save a few from car traffic when crossing traveled roadways to find suitable nesting materials.  Perhaps you have thought of a refuge for bees and birds by planting a wild diverse natural flowered area?  TD FEF is open to partnering with new and exciting projects which benefit our natural spaces.  Brainstorm with a few friends and decide what you would like to do.  Perhaps your project will not require funding.  If it does, the funding process with TD FEF is easy to follow.
Funding applications, selection criteria and submission steps can be found online at or you can visit their Facebook page under TD Friends of the Environment Foundation.  The application is filled out on line and then is forwarded to a local group of individuals including TD personnel who review and determine the merits of funding.  TD FEF have invested millions with the man hours of many Canadian volunteers, funding local and national environmental and wildlife projects since 1990.  Check them out.

On another completely different note, Earth Matters is a very important topic and passion for me.  It has also struck me that to continue this very important work I must insure this vessel which houses Jacqueline Milner needs some tuning up.  My numerous projects require a strong, healthy and happy constitution.  With this in mind, I recently signed up for some exercise classes.  My goal was to strengthen my core muscles.  The program I signed up for runs over eight weeks, two times per week.  The actual exercise part of each visit runs about 40 minutes.  40 minutes of squats, pushups, v-sits, sit-ups and jumping jacks, just to name a few; set up in circuit training fashion….whuuuuw!  This has been quite the eye opener for me.  I knew I was in need of strengthening, I just didn’t know how much.

Honestly I feel stronger and more confident already.  I begin my 4th week this week.  Fortunately I have found a situation that fills my needs close to home, and has a secondary locale that I can visit should my schedule require it.  My instructor is understanding and pushes just enough to get that little extra effort.  Thank you Ms. H.  If I wish to see and work for a stronger healthier environment I need to be the change through deed and demeanor.

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